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The debut book from paranormal investigator and Ghost Hunters TV star Steve Gonsalves! 

Steve Gonsalves—already considered to be one of the top paranormalinvestigators in the world and a pioneer in the industry—now presents hisdebut book, *A Life with Ghosts*! Widely known as a lead investigator ofthe smash hit TV series *Ghost Hunters* as well as *Ghost Hunters Academy* andTravel Channel’s ratings king, *Ghost Nation*, Steve presents a collectionof his most meaningful paranormal experiences from some of his favoritehaunted locations. Along with the compelling history of each location, Steve recounts histerrifying experiences with disembodied voices, haunting EVPS, mysteriousdark masses, and other unexplained phenomena—in addition to what he learnedabout living through a life with ghosts. His beliefs and theories on thecraft are told through heartwarming, hilarious, and profound stories,reflecting the fun-loving personality that has garnered him millions offans. Filled with facts and anecdotes to add an extra level of insight—allintricately woven together to create the perfect balance of spooky fun andunique information—this is the ultimate book for paranormal enthusiasts,history buffs, and horror fans. Order here:


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