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Paranormal Television has been around for over 4 decades. The first two pioneers were Unsolved Mysteries with Robert Stack, and Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Off. Over the years many shows have come and gone. World renowned Psychic Medium/Occult Expert Michelle Belanger is bringing two new series to streaming television. Belanger has appeared on many television shows including Paranormal State, Conjuring Kesha, and Monster Quest. The title of both new shows is called New Blood and In Human Beings which will release sometime in December 2023. Recently enough funds were raised through several kick starters. Belanger and the rest of the team are going through the indie film route to maintain creative control of their product. The overall goal of these two television shows is to show how weird the paranormal can get. Belanger is hoping for a season 2 for both shows depending on how season 1 goes.

New Blood explores the world of vampires that conjures a film crew using spell work. Different locations that will be airing on this show include sacred vampire ritual spaces, to a haunted air Bed and Breakfast, to the mysterious woods of Ohio. In Human Beings being is a spin-off of the usual paranormal investigation shows found on streaming television. On this show the team investigates a known location to be haunted with a reputation with high strangeness. Modern paranormal investigation equipment including dowsing rods, rem-pods, sls cameras, emf meters, and more will be featured on the show.

Michelle Belanger has teamed up with some of the top independent paranormal investigators in the world to build her new vision. Those include Fen Alankus the host of the podcast “Follow the Who”, historian Stephan Bingham, tarot reader Tigresse Bleu, Chris Amandier from Buried Secrets Podcast, hedge witch Aubrey Archer, and photographer Taylor Brown. For more information on each series please go to NewBlood.TV

Mrs. Belanger has been one of the most highly sought after paranormal experts in the world over the past 20 years. Her attention to detail, her dedication, and her work ethic will ensure these new television shows get as much as exposure as possible. She is very passionate about what she is doing, and her dedication is second to none. Only time will tell to see how these shows do as they more distribution.

Over the past 6 months Mrs. Belanger has worked very hard shooting over 100 hours of footage for the first seasons of New Blood and In Human Beings. All the money raised from the kick starters will go towards the filming, marketing, editing, and distribution of the projects. Currently season 2 of New Blood has began filming and a new addition of the team is joining including vampire Jack Townson. New Blood has won kick starters “Project We Love” award.

Michelle has teamed up with Fen Alankus, the host of podcast ‘Follow the Woo’, to put together a div… Read more at https://www.higgypop.com/news/michelle-belanger-new-shows/

In conclusion Belanger wants to have all creative control as a television producer of her new shows. Within time she hopes they will be as well received as other paranormal investigation shows such as The Holzer Files, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, Destination Fear, and more. With her passion and hard work Belanger’s visions of her new shows will revolutionize the independent paranormal film industry in the near future.

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