Paranormal Activity in Utah Confirmed by Department of Defense | 

Recently a document that was published by the Department of Defense called the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office caught the attention of many people. This office of the Department of Defense investigated unidentified anomalous phenomena that included a section of Southern Utah. Skinwalker Ranch which is a well-known is well known paranormal hotspot owned by Brandon Fugal. This location has been investigated dozens of times by many UFO enthusiasts. The 70-page report investigated an alleged hotspot of UAP, and paranormal activity caught on a property in Utah. At the time the report was put together the property was owned by the head of a private sector organization that developed real estate.

According to the report several top DOD officials also examined reports of people seeing shadow figures, creatures, explored remote viewing, and human consciousness anomalies. Several weeks later the report stated that several DOD investigators planned to hire psychic mediums to investigate inter-dimensional phenomena which were believed to appear at that location frequently. In addition, the report also stated that all investigative efforts on all levels of classification concluded that most sightings were ordinary objects that was misrepresented. But that didn’t include every single report just 40% of the total cases investigated.

One of the biggest issues surrounding the recent investigations into looking into the property at Utah was the lack of researchable data, along with the lack of speed, altitude, and size of UAP data.  It was combined with high resource constraints and differing levels of support from USG officials that went into efforts of all investigative teams. Combined with the most recent advancements of air/ground sensors the inability to collect sufficient high quality data for scientific analysis continued to plague many investigation of the property.

In conclusion the investigations conducted seemed to be well managed and implemented by a wide range of experts. Along with these experts were Utah Mufon members, scientists, academics, military, and intelligence officials under differing leaders. After carefully examining all the evidence the common belief was that a UAP on the property represented a strange unknown potential threat of indeterminate nature. As time passes by the hope is that UAPS and UFOS will be caught by many top credible researchers. Many people are hoping that they can find top UFO evidence at the Utah residence in the future.

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