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Bigfoot spotted in Colorado Wilderness

By Joshua Chaires

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Several weeks ago, a couple riding a train in rural Colorado created a massive media frenzy in their home state. They went ahead and posted footage of a mysterious figure walking through parts of the mountains on their social media pages. Once the footage was posted online many people started speculating this could be the elusive creature.  Both Shannon Parker and Stetson Tyler were riding on the Narrow-Gauge train from Durango to Silverton Colorado. As they looked outside the window, they spotted movement on the mountain side. After that they put their phones against the glass of the window. Another fellow passenger caught the same thing that showed a large bipedal creature moving across the pass before stopping and squatting down on its’ haunches.

Once the train left Silverton and headed back to Durango Shannon asked Stetson to help her look for elk in the mountain ranges. Several minutes later the train passed by the mountains Stetson had seen something moving that resembled a large primate. The other guy on the train, Brandon, grabbed his phone and started recording every second that they could. It looked dead on with the exclusive creature Bigfoot. Ms. Parker was called by the New York Post several weeks after her sighting and she told them what she had seen. Parker mentioned the creature was at least six to seven feet tall, had been camouflaged by the mountain range, and appeared to be very human like. Stetson said that he had been snowboarding in the same mountains before and seen footprints that were larger than snowshoes. Shannon’s footage about the unexplained anomaly had received both positive and negative feedback.

Since the reported sighting by all three individuals many skeptics have been grilled them about what they saw on that day. People that viewed the footage downplayed it as a hoax of an individual wearing a Bigfoot suit. Well known Primatologist Mireya Mayor, who is a researcher on Travel Channel’s Expedition Bigfoot analyzed the footage recently. Her conclusion was the images contained in the footage were way to blurry, and the area was to remote. More analysis had to be done to enhance the footage with software.  Silverton-based RV Company Sasquatch Expedition Campers also denied being involved in analyzing the footage anyway. The head of The Sasquatch Crew had felt compelled to state they weren’t involved at all. After they made their statement, they posted a picture of a person working on an RV dressed in a Bigfoot suit with a clump of hair on the floor nearby. Several days later the Colorado National Guard said legends of Bigfoot go back to the 1870s with the traveling circuses. There were many tales of seven foot plus hairy men scaring campers.

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In many parts of the world Bigfoot is also known as Yetti in the mountains of Asia which has white fur. There have been thousands of reported eyewitness sightings of Bigfoot all over the world.  Entire organizations in different states now exist to study and document Bigfoot behavior to prove its existence. The best place where sightings have occurred is in the Northwest part of the country in Oregon which has dense forests. Until a real Bigfoot is captured by a hunter speculation will only continue to rise on what Bigfoot really is.

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