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A renowned paranormal investigation team in the United Kingdom claim to have recorded some vary rare electronic voice phenomena and seen a door open on its own at a spooky hall. This hall is called Castle Bromwich Hall which was created sometime between 1557-1585. A local team called Afterlife Paranormal recently spent a night at the Castle looking for paranormal activity within its walls. Afterlife Paranormal claimed the night they were there they caught several spooky images of faces on their DVR system cameras, with one of them described as wearing a dress. These spirits appeared to have worn clothing from the late 1600’s early 1700’s. Another interesting phenomenon that happened that night was a door opening by itself with no reasonable explanation. This was near the boardroom of the mansion. After the door was caught opening by itself the team captured a voice on the spirit box/ghost box asking, “are we friends?”. This was captured around 11:30 PM GMT.

Ghost hunters claimed they had captured a ghostly apparition in a dress on camera
Ghost hunters claimed they had captured a ghostly apparition in a dress on camera

In the video capture an investigator on the team Charlie Harker replies to the spirits question “Yes, we are friends, that is why I want you to open the door again. I’m trying to be your friend”.  Within seconds of Mr. Harker’s response, the old dark brown door which has two huge wooden panels on it slowly opens backwards by itself.  What’s most fascinating about this is that two ghostly apparitions were caught on camera during an investigation on April 17, 2023.  In addition, what was most alarming was one of the apparitions captured had half a face seen through glass window. The other apparition captured had blonde hair, and a dress.

After the investigation Mr. Harker was interviewed by a local news station in his area about what he had captured during the night he was staying at the hall.  He stated the following “We had the door opening on its own, then we experimented with the door.”  This was to see if there was wind that could have caused it to open on its own. After many failed attempts trying to debunk it that phenomena made Mr. Harker into a believer of the place living up to its reputation as being haunted.  What was most alarming after walking around the grounds they found nothing that could have caused it to open from the outside. A spirit box of ghost box uses white noise to scan AM/FM radio stations to pick up voices called electronic voice phenomena. It’s like a digital recorder but uses radio stations instead. Spirit boxes have been used on paranormal investigations since 2008. Mr. Harker and his fellow paranormal investigator Teresa captured an EVP that said his friends name “Teresa”.

After analyzing the evidence from the paranormal investigation, it appears that the spirits had British accents.  During the review of the second EVP captured it appeared the spirit saying Teresa’s name was younger, while the second one belonged to a woman named Catherine Arden. Catherine Arden once lived in the castle during the 1600’s and was marred to George Bridgeman. The Bridgeman family used to live in Weston Park in Shropshire. During the last years of Catherine’s life, she died in Castle Bromwich Hall. Her spirit has been sighted many times over the centuries but numerous people. 

In conclusion Castle Bromwich Hall has lived up to its reputation as being one of the most haunted locations within its area of England. The paranormal activity that has resided here the past 400 plus years will most likely never change. Every spirit here residing within its walls has a story tell. And those stories will continue to be passed down for future generations of visitors to this location.

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