Pennhurst Paracon 2023 Rolls into Spring City, PA | 

By Joshua Chaires

For many years Pennhurst Asylum has been a top haunted location for many paranormal enthusiasts since the campus closed in 1987. Many people have reported hearing the laughter of children in various buildings on the campus, hearing footsteps, and much more. When the new owners purchased Pennhurst in 2016, they started allowing various events on the property. These events include daytime history tours, photography tours, overnight paranormal investigations which were available through the website. Proceeds from the tours go towards the upkeep/restoration of the remaining buildings on the property. In 2019 Destination Fear with Dakota/Chelsea Laden filmed an investigation for their first season. Once 2020 rolled around Pennhurst was closed as the Covid-19 pandemic was causing many problems. Hershey, Rockwell, and Dietary Halls were all deemed unsafe to use and were demolished.

On May 19-21, 2023, many different top paranormal personalities will be attending Pennhurst Paracon 2023. These include Ghost Hunters, Destination Fear, Kindred Spirits, Mountain Monsters, and many other top paranormal personalities. This three-day event will have lectures, meet/greets, books being sold, t shirts, and much more. Many vendors will be attending the event advertising their various businesses. Here is some listing of various vendors that will be attending Pennhurst Paracon 2023 along with the services they offer. Phantom Detectives LLC will be joining the many amazing vendors as well as the company continues to grow.

The Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society has been serving clients for over 20 years.  We specialize in residential cases and investigate paranormal activities in people’s homes.  Our goal is to provide them with answers to paranormal issues they are having.  Check out our website!

All Things Weird

“The Weird, the Arcane, the Odd, Cryptid and Pagan”


Store Fronts set up within:

Vintage Bettys Antiques

128 Bellevue Ave

Hammonton, NJ 08037


Carnival of Collectibles

368 Berlin – Cross Keys Rd

Sicklerville, NJ 08081

Get Haunted is one of the country’s fastest-growing Paranormal Services and Events companies.

Get Haunted was created to bring enthusiasts, location owners, and investigators in ways that allow everybody to be a part of something bigger.

We are here to help, learn, and share. With Get Haunted you are heard, seen, and appreciated. We investigate with you, not in front of you.

Our services are designed to help even the smallest teams grow through merch, custom gear, and more.
Our events are designed to put you in the driver’s seat, to work with local teams, and to bring everyone together for a common cause.

Purple Gang Documentary

Purple Gang Documentary

Being a Psychic Medium is not just something I do. It is who I am. Spirit provided readings for the highest and greatest good. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, healer, Reiki practitioner, Shamanic practitioner, meditation facilitator, and witch. I see, hear, smell, feel departed loved ones and pets. I have the gift of seeing your guides and power animals if they wish me to see them to help you along your journey and path. I have clients across the states and in Canada. I can be found on Facebook at PsychicMediumRevSandyStreun. 

It will be my pleasure and honor meet you.         

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