Theater Of the Mind: Tales from The Darkness launches in bookstores everywhere | 

On February 1, 2024, well known paranormal investigator Dave Schrader’s new book Theater of the Mind launches in bookstores everywhere. Since January of 2006 Dave has interviewed many different guests coming from a variety of different backgrounds. In 2009 he co-authored his first book The Teens Guide to Ghost Hunting. Dave’s newest book dives into the realms of the ethereal and physical. This book covers how millions of people around the world are experiencing strange paranormal activity. In addition they are encountering creatures of unknown origins in very high numbers.

What we consider normal and the paranormal are set on a collision course to reveal that we aren’t alone. Mr. Schrader’s newest book covers many reports of ghosts, ufos, aliens, monsters, and other strange stories of the supernatural. Order your copy of the book by going to the link below.

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