Flickering Alien Lights Fly Across Tennessee Sky at Night | 

Recently in Nashville, Tenn local news station (WKRN) reported on a strange string of lights that were flying across various parts of Tennessee this past week. Multiple news stations viewers had asked the local news crew to investigate the strange phenomena. Various other people saw the lights across the state too, and many people thought of UFOs almost automatically. These strings of lights are often called “Starlink Satellite Trains”. This means that technology which is a part of Elon Musk’s SpaceX program provided internet access to remote areas all over the world. Currently there are around 4,000 Starlink Satellites that have been deployed all over parts of the atmosphere since 2019. A local editor of The Daily Yonder Tim Marema had mentioned that there is no clear gap between those with internet, then those without.

“If you want rural people to agree on something, ask them about broadband access. They will always agree that they need more, and that is not sufficient with what they have (Marema). After stating that Mr. Marema had also mentioned that satellite internet can be pricey and can cause hallucinations of UFOS in the sky. In addition, he stated that technology could help improve the internet across rural America. A professor of Physics and Astronomy named Kevin Stassun had told News 2 of a local Starlink Satellite train that was not able to supply internet connection in the most remove locations of their low earth orbit. Since they are in low orbit with the earth, they are causing most people to interpret them as UFOS or UAPS in the sky. Starlink Satellite trains aren’t made up of lights, despite their appearance. Every one of these reflects sunlight which makes them to look bright and shiny in the night sky.

Each one of these light-reflecting abilities of these satellites can create problems for astronomers, people who look at the sky, and more. Stassun had recently mentioned that they need to point telescopes in the sky and had them dark as possible so they can study the phenomena more in detail. Once the night sky is as dark as possible, they will often streak by very quickly. It can be very difficult to keep up with them, and they can be quite disruptive to important astronomy research. Musk’s SpaceX recently added dark shields to their Starlink Satellites which will deploy in several weeks. This will help astronomers and UFO researchers be able to notice them in the sky easier.

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