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Darkmatter Registration Opens

By Joshua Chaires Dark Matter News In 2007 long time paranormal investigator William Wilkens created a directory called for investigation teams around the world to submit their information. This directory had grown to over 4892 teams as of June 2020. Mr. Wilkens wanted to create a virtual community for clients to feel safe in finding teams in their areas to conduct paranormal investigations. But as time went on more and more teams started submitting their info to Mr. Wilkens, and it got difficult for him to keep up with. During the time before his disappearance Mr. Wilkens was looking for an assistant to help with the number of submissions coming in. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a reliable volunteer so he did the best he could by himself. His last tweets on his Twitter page were around June of 2020. Since then, he has disappeared, and no one hasn’t been able to locate him. The only online presence’s that Mr. Wilkens had was,, his LinkedIn profile, and his Twitter account. was an up-and-coming website that he was developing to get teams to investigate specific haunted locations. Unfortunately, that to has been abandoned. After Mr. Wilkens disappearance his friend Josh Vande Wettering of Green Bay, Wisconsin decided to pick up where he left of. Vande Wettering was a computer programmer much like Bill and founded Kaukauna Paranormal in 2009. In February 2001 Josh started planning on building the successor website to from the ground up. The cost to build a directory like Bill’s old website was between $7,500 to $10,000. As he started working on site things got better. In addition, he purchased the domain in October 2021, and has kept a constant eye on Bill’s old website to see if anything has changed. Joshua


Dark Matter News returns to Dark Matter Digital Network

For the first time since October 2015, Dark Matter News will be rejoining the Dark Matter Digital Network. The new Dark Matter News team will be headed up by Joshua Chaires, and original DMN owner Leo Ashcraft. Chaires will handle the writing, while Ashcraft handles the voiceovers/audio segments. After leaving the network in 2015, Dark Matter News will be slowly reintegrated into the network over the coming weeks . News segments will be played extensively on Midnight in the Desert after a permanent host of the program is found. All news segments will be four minutes in length with one minute of advertisements being played. Check out to find out when the segments of DMN will be played on DMDN. The new DMN team will keep everyone posted when the segments are slowly reintegrated into the network.

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