Bob Lazar UFO Documentary Coming to Streaming Platforms In 2024 | 

by Joshua Chaires
Dark Matter News

An upcoming UFO documentary will be released in 2024 on various platforms. The upcoming film about former Area 51 Whistleblower Bob Lazar will be taking viewers behind the scenes on how the film is made. Each filmmaker working on the documentary explained how technology is used to recreate the “S4” facility near Area 51 in Nevada that Lazar alleges was used to research alien spacecrafts. Each viewer that watches the documentary will be transported there when they watch the film. When viewers watch the film, it will tell the story of Lazar’s time working at the facility during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Every viewer will be able to immerse themselves from Groom Lake to the Papoose Mountain Range to dive deep into the secrets within S4. It will allow them to see the story from Bob’s perspective.

Over the past 20 years UFO’s have become more widely accepted within the scientific/mainstream media. Earlier this year a former military officer alleged that the Pentagon is withholding information about UFO crashes. The Defense. Recently the United States Defense has acknowledged that they’re studying sightings of UFOS, but it is not covering up any classified information. Members of the House of Representatives and the US Senate have been stonewalled by the US Defense Department in trying to get information.

Lazar mainly rose to prominence in late 1989 when he was first interviewed by investigative reporter George Knapp on KLAS-TV’s 5:00 PM newscast. In addition, Lazar claimed that he worked at “S4” which is a subsidiary facility of Area 51 on projects that involved reengineering alien aircraft. Along with having worked at S4 Lazar also claimed that alien technology was beyond human capabilities that shocked Knapp.  Once Lazar’s story broke every mainstream outlet wanted to verify Lazar’s credentials. According to Lazar he earned degrees in physics and electrical engineering. One of Lazar’s other claims was he worked as a psychist at Los Alamos National Lab in Nevada.  Los Alamos had a particle beam that could accelerate as fast as 700 million volts.

A 1982 phonebook from the lab had listed Lazar among the many scientists and technicians. A 1982 newspaper had profiled Lazar and his interest in jet cars. Once a researcher at the University of Hong Kong had investigated Lazar’s credibility there was no objective evidence to support his claims. However, the researcher Maverik Leung noted there was no evidence to disprove his claims. As 2019 rolled around KLAS reported that Lazar’s descriptions of each craft seemed to match what was reported by UAP objects seen in videos released by the Pentagon. Lazar’s interviews with the late Art Bell in the 1990’s expanded upon what George Knapp had covered years before.

Titled “Lazar: The Original Whistleblower,” the upcoming documentary will be billed as a bridge that connects classified projects and scientific inquiry into one. According to several close associates of Lazar, filmmaker Jeremy Corbell will be joining in to assist in the completion of the film. Corbell is using sketches from Lazar to digitally recreate the alien spacecrafts he claims to have worked on. Viewers will also see a recreation of the S4 facility and the surrounding Nevada terrain. What makes the film so very special is it will be a virtual reality experience that will let people see firsthand see the secrets of S4 through the eyes of Lazar. A book will also offer rare photographs and commentary by Lazar about his time in the facility. Dark Matter News will post the link to order the documentary on the website in the coming months ahead.

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