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Upcoming Pennsylvania paranormal investigation team Phantom Detectives LLC released their new t-shirt designs for all their fans, family members, and supporters who have been with the team since their inception when they started in August of 2020. The new t-shirt designs were done by both Rajdeep Saha and by team Lead Investigator/Tech Manager/Director of Client Relations Rick Warner.

Rajdeep hand drew the logo while Mr. Warner designed the font at the top, color of the shirts, and style of each design. T-shirt one design one is white with red lettering at the top, while design 2 is white, with black lettering, and red on the online of the words. T shirt design three is black with red/white lettering, and t shirt four is black with white lettering at the top like the team’s Dark Matter News designs. Currently t shirt 5 is for the team’s female members/supporters with black and pink lettering at the top, while t shirt six is black with red lettering at the top.

This pays homage to the team’s retro 2020 t shirts when they first started. In addition, t shirts 7 and 8 are both red with black/white lettering at the top of them. Lastly t shirt 9 features a beautiful royal blue with white lettering at the top. Our staff here at Dark Matter News really appreciates the thought and care that the team went in debuting these new t shirts. Phantom Detectives LLC is hoping to debut their new look t shirts on their 10th investigation at Bubs Brewery on Friday May 27, 2022. Bube’s Brewery has been known to have paranormal activity associated with it for a long time. Let’s hope the team is successful on their latest investigation and captures great evidence. To visit their website please go to

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