Paranormal Expo Happens in Morgantown West Virginia | 

In the true spirit of Halloween various organizers put on a unique paranormal expo this past Saturday.  Once every year local resident Les O’Dell and his wife put on an expo for various people of all ages. This past Saturday there were various craft sales, paranormal books, investigation teams, tarot card readings, and much more.  In addition, various guest speakers shared stories about UFO’s, Bigfoot, Psychic Abilities, etc.  For every person the event was free to join that day. O”Dell thought it would be a great idea to get like minded people. In addition, the event made the headlines in the local Morgantown, WV newspaper.

After the event Mr. O’Dell stated, “They can share their stories or talk subjects with somebody that has the same interests”. “Whether or not everybody believes the same thing remains to be the same. There are folks here that believe in ghosts, and they don’t believe in Bigfoot (Les O’Dell)”.

Odell’s West Virginia Cryptids table

O’Dell runs a Facebook page called “WV Cryptids and Strange Encounters”.  This is where he encourages everyone to share their paranormal experiences about Bigfoot Encounters, Ghosts, UFO Sightings, and much more. The next paranormal expo will be held on October 8, 2022. Next year O’Dell is hoping to bring bigger names to the event from the Bigfoot, Ghost, Conspiracy, and UFO fields. In time O’Dell wants to see this event as one of the largest of its kind on the East Coast. Will that happen? Only time will tell.

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