Fisherman Spot River Monster in West Fork River in West Virginia | 

On a typical Friday night in the summer of 2019 Nate Moreno and Jake Byers often loved to go catfishing near the West Fork River after work with a good friend of theirs.  Almost every time they went the water was high, sky was dark, and the only light that there was from the moon. Right around midnight, Nathan recalled seeing something alarming in the corner of his eye. Byers stated “It was a pretty clear night, so we had good light from the moon. At first when I looked over, you could see something that is inducing the flow of water. So, you see the water if it was going around a rock, and what I saw was a huge circle. It was big. So, I thought it was, you know, possibly a ball” he recalled.

The local fisherman claimed they saw the monster while fishing at this spot along the river.

Overall, the whole incident lasted less than ten minutes, but it was more like five according to both men. Nathan didn’t seem to give much thought to it, but it kept swimming away at an alarming speed. Once he looked back, it seemed to resemble a sea serpent/water snake. The snake-like movement was somewhere behind the ball. In addition, Nathan was trying to wonder what is he seeing right now? Once Nathan turned to his friends to point out what he was seeing his friend Jake told him they saw the same creature the previous week while catfishing around 10:00 PM EST. Could this creature be related to the famous Ogopogo? Anything is possible but without an image it will be impossible to know what species this creature was According to Jake it looked like someone was swimming on their hands and knees to crawl across the rocks.

Jake Byers claims he saw the monster twice at night while night fishing with a friend.

On the second sighting Mr. Byers remembers that he and his friend tried to yell out to the figure they saw that night. Byers was thinking it was a bum that fell in the water to see if they could save him. But once they saw the black shadow crawling up the rocks, they realized it wasn’t human. Their initial thought was it’s a big fish or muskie stuck on the rocks. Once they two started casting their fishing poles towards the monster to see if they could get it to bite their fishing line. Unfortunately, the figure was swimming upstream and was moving well fast for them.

After that Jake returned to the same area as before and saw the monster again with more friends coming this time. According to the group the ten-foot monster was all black with yellowish looking eyes. Every person there that night was making a mad dash to see if they could get a large strobe light on it so they could get photographs or video of the monster.  Unfortunately, there was a window of only 20 seconds to where they could jump in a vehicle to turn it around to get headlights in the water. Once they would have gotten situated with good illumination on the river the figure was long gone.

Several days later Nate Moreno started going to his local library to research local folklore from the area to see if there were any more reported sightings. According to the books/records he pulled from the library he finally learned what the monster was when he read last year’s Paranormal West Virginia story on the Ogua Monster.  All his friends and family laughed at him about his story. For the longest time there was no way to clearly identify what the monster was. All that was known it was big and very much alive. But the story of the fabled Ogua was the most reasonable explanation that he could think of from his research. In the future Nathan is hoping to return to the area to document the monster with a camera crew if they can ever set up a time to look for it. Could this have been an alligator snapping turtle? According to Nathan, he has caught them before, and they do get massive. Very much like prehistoric dinosaurs with their spiky shells. In addition, alligator snapping turtles also have a wormlike mouth.  It was the most likely explanation was this was a massive variation of one that could be an endangered species no one knows about. For one to appear in shallow water like that is unnatural. Most alligator snapping turtles tend to like deeper water to catch fish with their massive jaws.

In conclusion it will be only a matter of time before the Olga monster is either captured or documented. With at least many people now aware of its existence of the West Virginia Rivers. Perhaps one lucky fisherman will come up with the holy grail evidence to prove its existence once and for all. For now, all we can do is wait till the next reported sighting of the monster comes up.


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