Secret Army Experiment Caught On Film | 

A 16 year boy, from West Sussex, captured footage of what appears to be a mysterious figure, flying hundreds of feet above the ground.

Charlie Knott says he was with at a friend’s house, when they both looked up to this floating image, which he claims was a man, right above them.

Knott says “We both ran outside and were just looking at it and wondering what it was. Then I ran back inside to get my phone to take pictures and video. It was like the figure of a person and it looked like it was on a board which was underneath the figure and was moving quite quickly. It went around one of the trees and we went around to carry on watching it but it had gone.”

Many viewers were quick to suggest that it was an alien, including Knott himself, as he admits he does believe in that kind of thing, many others are convinced that the floating figure has connections to a secret NASA project named Project Blue Beam.

Conspiracy theory believe that NASA is to implement a new world order in the form of a new religion with the Antichrist at its head and in order to convince people of this, it is thought that a “Second Coming” will be technologically simulated.

The mysterious figure could be seen wearing some sort of next-generation personalised transportation device such as a jetpack, suggesting whatever was filmed, was of this world.

Source: DailyStar

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