2021 World’s Largest Ghost Hunt | 

The World’s Largest Ghost Hunt launches Saturday September 25, 2021, with hundreds of paranormal investigators from around the world investigating unexplained phenomena in many haunted locations. On this day these paranormal investigators will unite as one in celebration and acknowledge of National Ghost Hunting Day’s sixth annual event. Many historical locations will be featured from museums, to businesses, to taverns and more. Currently the streaming platform will be done by the Spirit Realm Network. Spirit Real Network’s streaming platform is one of the very best in the world for this format and will allow viewers a close look at every historical location.  Over the span 24 hours paranormal investigators from around the world hope to analyze, document, and reveal many pieces of evidence to all the viewers watching their streams.

National Ghost Hunting Day was founded by Maria Schmidt in 2016 along with Brian J Cano to help haunted historical locations be known by many people worldwide. Mrs. Schmidt’s Haunted Journeys has been the driving force behind the event since its’ inception. This event is officially registered as an annual National Calendar Day Registry to be celebrated on the last Saturday of every September. This year 2021 version hopes to be the biggest yet. In addition, the 2021 National Ghost Hunting Day will be strategically scheduled, have unique observation techniques, and the culture of ghost hunting will initiate Halloween season in a ghostly fashion.

This event brings together many professionals from around the world. From hobbyists, to enthusiasts, to professionals that work in the field daily. Spirit Realm Network has been customized with outstanding IT talents, programming studio, and integration with Stream Yard. This allows historical locations along with their parents to showcase investigations from all over the world

Currently 13 countries are engaged in this event that include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Singapore, Ireland, England, Germany, Egypt, France, and The Philippines. In addition, there will be 35 states in the United States participating as well. Many more countries/states are expected to join in the future as the event continues to grow. Every team that’s investigating on September 25, are officially listed on NationalGhostHuntingDay.com.  Another part of the event is the “Metaphysical Command Center” that will be established at Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, PA. There Brian J Cano and Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters will be there to orchestrate this exchange with the spiritual world. In addition, The Daughters of Hecates features mediums Michelle Reuss/Katherine Sorilos will be there to assist Dustin/Brian.

Every satellite haunted location will select a local fundraiser for historic preservation since most of them are very protected. By inviting the public, they can offer donations per attendee. Public attendees all have different levels of ghost hunting experience, and they can have a great time exploring haunted properties safely. Currently the goals of National Ghost Hunting Day are to bring public awareness of the best practices/professional of paranormal investigations, appreciate local history, and contribute to paranormal research.

Since the beginning of time many people have been fascinated by the tales of the supernatural. In recent years a perfect storm of media visibility, changing attitudes, new techniques for investigations, and equipment have renewed interest in our shared past. This has led to an explosion of paranormal investigation teams. Ghost Hunters, Paranormal State, Dead Files, and Ghost Adventures have peaked public interest in investigations over the past 15 years all these shows have aired.

In conclusion National Ghost Hunting Day is only five years old and could eventually add over 200-300 teams participating from around the world in the future. It takes the work of many dedicated volunteers, coaches, and IT professionals to bring this together for everyone. Dark Matter News/Phantom Detectives LLC will be working with Haunted Journeys for many years to come. Phantom Detectives LLC will be investigating the Sanderson Museum in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania during this event. Many thanks to Mrs. Maria Schmidt, Brian J. Cano, and thousands of people from around the world for making this event possible. We are beyond richly blessed here at Dark Matter News to be partnering with everyone.




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