Loud explosion heard in Clarksville, TN, caused by unknown phenomena caused ground to shake. | 

Federal officials in Clarksville, TN spent hours trying to find the source of an explosion of what residents as loud and shaking. Recently the Clarksville Police Department wrote on Sunday September 5 that it’s 911 dispatch had received numerous calls around 9:50 PM locally. This was on Saturday regarding the “loud explosion”. Several individuals that made the calls said they felt the “ground shake”. Much like a miniature earthquake that occurred.

According to several individuals the sound was heard across many parts of Montgomery County but there weren’t reports of any injuries or damage to people’s property. The Clarksville Police Department, Fire Department. County Sheriff’s Office, and EMF looked for a source of the phenomena and came up with nothing. People that have lived in Clarksville, TN for many years have claimed that Earthquakes never occur in their part of the United States.

“Fort Campbell was on a Four Day weekend due to the Labor Day Holiday and didn’t appear to be conducting any type of training stated the police”.  Many people all over the Clarksville area reported no damage to their homes or businesses. Recently surveillance video captured in the northern Tennessee city that contains a population of more then 158,000 captured the sound. In addition, that appeared to be bright light that was associated with the strange phenomena as well. What was most interesting is that the U.S. Geological Survey didn’t register the phenomena as a earthquake in the area.  

Local news outline WTFF reported this past Monday that residents have been wondering what caused the phenomena. Dee Boaz a local Clarksville resident called the news station to report that she smelled a strange odor. One resident named Stephanie Rattay, stated the conspiracy theory of alien visitation couldn’t be ruled out. Stephanie also felt that it could have been caused by someone playing around with Tannerite since it was Labor Day. What caused these strange phenomena may never be known to anyone. All the local town can do is stay aware to see if this strange phenomenon occurs again.


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