UFO seen on Florida Turnpike | 

Dade County, Florida. Recently there was a out of the normal UFO sighting floating along a highway that had some doing a double take.  This was not an average car or truck that you would see on the highway the multimedia company Only_in_Dade captioned on their Instagram account which generated more then 1000 views that was credited to @Oscar_J_Perez.  

The video was shot by a driver who pulled up near the UFO, though it was very unclear who is driving the flying saucer-shaped vehicle.  According to the Instagram user Only_In_Dade the photo was clearly taken along the Florida highway and wasn’t photoshopped.  Others had more technical questions from lighting, to cropping the image, to shadowing, and more. Many photo experts looked at the photo and determined it couldn’t have been modified in photoshop.  In addition, another Instagram user made the post that they the UFO was on its way to downtown Miami.  Several minutes later the mysterious flying saucer left the Florida Highway and disappeared into the sky without hesitation. It appeared to be 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. From eyewitness accounts it appeared to have a very defined grey metallic color to it with strange markings that could not be identified. Local Mufon groups in Florida are currently doing an investigation on this sighting and are looking for anyone that saw this UFO on that day to come forward. They are looking for as much eyewitness’s accounts as possible before they can properly classify the UFO sighting in their database. With the sudden rises in UFO sightings in Florida many wonder what could come next. Only time will tell.

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