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Director James Wan (“Insidious” and “Saw”), doesn’t fail to make us jump out of our seats in Conjuring 2 like he did in the first Conjuring also based on a true story of the paranormal happenings.

My team, the Winnipeg Paranormal Group, co-hosted a prescreening of the Conjuring 2 last night. The story is once again centered on real life paranormal investigators and demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren again played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga. The story opens with the Warrens’ leading a séance at the infamously haunted Amityville house. Their involvement with that case catapulted them into the limelight.

Meanwhile, across the water in Britain, another house is becoming infamous for its poltergeist activity and soon becomes the Amityville of England. It’s 1977 which is evidence by the gaudy floral wallpaper lining the hallways and Margaret Thatcher on the television. The focus is on single mother of four, Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor) who can no longer ignore the frightening paranormal activity she and her children are experiencing including levitation, rocking beds, moving furniture and strange voices coming from her second oldest daughter Janet (Madison Wolfe). The ghost seems to be focused on Janet, terrorizing her to the point of ostracizing her from the community and school friends. The activity is witnessed by police, neighbors and even the crossing guard who stated she saw Janet through her window floating in the air around her bedroom.

The Warrens are asked by the Catholic church to fly to England for a few days, observe and report back for its validity. Not knowing whether it’s a hoax, the Warrens have empathy for the family and want to help them amongst the poltergeist chaos which continues to ensue. The Warren’s own demons carried from the Amityville case are twisted into the story of the Hodgson family’s creating a battle between good and evil.

Wan of course does a fantastic job scaring the wits out of viewers with jumps and scares in all of the right places and horrific screams that could give one chills. Not to mention some of the nightmarish demonic characters such as the “Crooked Man” the twisted version of Billy Hodgson’s spinning toy that turned into a gigantic ghoulish spindly dark figure and the most terrifying of creatures was the demonic nun said to haunt the Warren’s nightmares, but this creepy character may give a few viewers night mares as well!

Although loosely based on one of the most well documented paranormal cases ever, Conjuring 2 doesn’t fail to carry us onto another terrifying roller coaster ride of scary fun. Paranormal Team members with Warner Bros. rep, Ivan Varinder

Winnipeg Paranormal Group Team members with Warner Bros. rep, Ivan Varinder at the Conjuring 2 Prescreening.

NOTE: The Enfield poltergeist case is known for being one of the most documented paranormal cases in history, taking place from 1977 to 1979.The main investigators who actually documented the case in real life were investigators, Maurice Grosse (who was portrayed in the movie) and Guy Lyon Playfair from the Society for Psychical Research. Playfair wrote the book, This House is Haunted, about his experiences with the case.

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