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Annabelle is a porcelain doll that has been in Ed and Lorrain Warren’s Museum for many years up in Connecticut. Her story has been written about in books, in movies, and in publications such as newspapers around the world. In addition, her reputation has been mentioned as one of the most feared objects in the entire world. Many people believe that Annabelle is possessed by an evil spirit that lived centuries ago. What makes this doll so very frightening is that so many try to avoid her.  Is it the eyes, the face, the mouth, or the clothes on the doll? It is what could be attached to the doll that makes it so terrifying.  Tracing the origins to Annabelle dates to the 1970s when it was purchased as a birthday present to a young nursing student by her mother. The nursing student was working on her bachelor’s degree at that time and was living in an apartment.  “During this period time the young woman kept the doll as a decorative item that sat on her bed after making it (”.

Sometimes the doll would sit on a wall shelf, or on the young woman’s nightstand when she would sleep. The doll bears some resemblance to Chucky from Childs Play with its striking red hair, and its posture. Here is an image of the doll below as captured by

The real-life Annabelle Doll behind protective glass. (image from

The moment Annabelle was brought into the young woman’s apartment her, and her roommate started noticing strange supernatural activity associated with the doll. During the night when both women were asleep the doll was known to take on a life of its own. At first the woman would report hearing the doll’s legs being crossed. But as time went on both women would report hearing strange shuffling coming from different areas of their apartment. Sometimes they’d wake up to look nothing was found. As time went on Annabelle would be seen in other rooms of the apartment where it wasn’t left. This puzzled both woman as the doll would either be sitting on a wall shelf, or it would be on the floor next to the owner’s bed.

After the strange movements started occurring on a regular basis small notes began to be found around the apartment. Everyone of them contained the messages such as “Help Me” (”.  What really puzzled both woman is that there were no writing tools available such as pencils or papers within the apartment. It appeared that the paper and pencils were coming from somewhere outside the apartment complex.

As time went on both the young students who lived alongside the doll, couldn’t seem to understand the behavior of it. This was until something alarming was found one day when they came home from their college classes. One day there was blood discovered on the doll’s hands, chest, and other parts of the torso of it.

The real Annabelle on display in the Warren’s Occult Museum (image from

After they discovered the blood on the doll the girls decided to contact a medium who would assist them with a séance in their home. From the girl’s perspective this was an attempt to see whether something paranormal was occurring daily. During this séance the medium claimed that they communicated with the spirit of a 7-year-old little girl named Annabelle Huggins. According to the medium Annabelle Huggins was killed and left in an empty field where the apartment complex was built upon. The little girl’s spirit was very lonely and was looking for someone who could accept her. And that was the dolls owner who invited Annabelle’s spirit to occupy the doll.

Once Annabelle’s spirit started occupying the doll to hang around, strange events started occurring. One of the young nurse’s close male friends visited their apartment one day and started expressing concern over the strange activity. Both young nurses invited their male friend to stay at their apartment on the couch. That night this man claimed while sleeping he saw the Annabelle doll stand over him, the doll reached towards his neck, and commenced strangling him to the point he passed out.

The man was terrified but wanted to continue to spend time at his friend’s apartment until he was attacked a second time.  Another night him and the girls were planning an upcoming road trip but then heard a noise disturbance coming from the empty room where Annabelle was kept.  At this time everyone there thought it was an intruder who entered the apartment. Hurrying into the room they investigated it, but the only thing that was laying there was the Annabelle doll. It appeared to be thrown into the floor in a corner.  Once the man visiting entered the room to investigate, he approached the doll. After this he clutched his chest, and blood began to seep through his shirt at a nonstop pace. Right when he approached the doll 7 large scratches were across his chest. All 7 scratches formed the mark of the beast, and they were burnt into his skin. This terrified the man and two women, but they didn’t know how to tell anyone about it. All three decided to seek out help from the church, so they church referred their case to Ed and Lorraine Warren. During this time The Warrens were renounced demonologists and had very good knowledge on how to cleanse a house. The Warrens worked on the Amityville Case, The Haunting in Connecticut, and many other cases around the world.

Ed and Lorraine Warren standing next to Annabelle. (image from

Once the Warrens got involved in the case, they were able to determine there was a negative entity that was attached to Annabelle that was trying to pose as a 7-year-old child spirit. From the Warren’s perspective it seems the entity was preying on the girl, her roommate, and the man visiting them. In addition, it was looking for a human host for possession, so they decided it was best for The Warrens to take the doll with them. Every area of the apartment was cleansed by the Warrens with holy water, and they burned sage in every area.  After the Warrens took the doll, it caused them many life-threatening situations including messing with their car as they headed home with it.

Where is Annabelle now?

 Today the Annabelle Doll stays within the Warren’s Occult Museum in Connecticut which is now ran by Tony Spera Ed/Lorraine’s son in law and their daughter Judy. John Zaffis who is Judy’s cousin also visits the museum frequently and is Ed/Lorraine’s nephew. Currently it is housed in a glass case, protected with crucifixes, and has bible inscriptions on it. Tony and Judy constantly have the museum blessed by a priest monthly to keep anything evil from inhabiting it.

A warning sign constantly on display on Annabelle’s case at the Warren’s Occult Museum.  

(Image taken from”.

Since the 1970’s the doll has sat in a glass case and sees visitors on a yearly basis. People from around the world come to see the Warren’s Museum. According to legend it is often said that Annabelle caused the death of a young man who entered the museum and challenged the doll. This was against the wishes of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Once the young man left the museum with his girlfriend laughing about the doll, they lost control of his bike, and perished. There are many that believe the doll was involved in the young couple losing their lives.

In conclusion it seems that Judy and Tony Spera are only bringing the doll out of the museum on rare circumstances. The museum now is heavily guarded with security cameras, no trespassing signs, and an alarm. Keeping the doll within a glass case is best for everyone’s protection. At this time the only thing that Tony and Judy can do is keep the doll protected and keep the doll blessed from anything negative attached to it. Thank you to our friend Amy of for allowing us to write our own version of her article.

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