Pulsating UFO’s Form a Triangular Formation in Sky | 

Several days ago, a unique piece of footage from Washington state showed several lights that were illuminating from the skies to form a triangle. This unique seen was documented this past Tuesday evening in the city of Yakima. Yakima is located in Central Washington and often called the Heart of Washington State. According to several unidentified witnesses the flashing orbs changed various colors from red to white, then they changed to another color several minutes later. Within the video the various pulsating lights can be seen well low on the horizon before ascending. Each orb climbs higher and higher in the sky until they formed a tringle pattern with each point flickering in a row.

Many people were puzzle to what the orbs could have been. Some top UFO Researchers came to theorize that they would have been an alien spacecraft trying to communicate with each other with pulsating lights. Currently more skeptical observers suggest that these could be prosaic possibilities such as drones. Other theories such as lanterns that could have flying in triangular formation. Unfortunately, nobody will ever know what they could have been. With the lights being clearly ascended into the sky only time will tell if more reported sightings in Yakima start increasing as the months go by. For now, all we can do is continue to monitor the night skies of Yakima to see what may happen soon.


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