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In 2007 long time paranormal investigator William Wilkens created a directory called for investigation teams around the world to submit their information. This directory had grown to over 4892 teams as of June 2020. Mr. Wilkens wanted to create a virtual community for clients to feel safe in finding teams in their areas to conduct paranormal investigations. But as time went on more and more teams started submitting their info to Mr. Wilkens, and it got difficult for him to keep up with. During the time before his disappearance Mr. Wilkens was looking for an assistant to help with the number of submissions coming in. Unfortunately, he was unable to find a reliable volunteer so he did the best he could by himself. His last tweets on his Twitter page were around June of 2020. Since then, he has disappeared, and no one hasn’t been able to locate him. The only online presence’s that Mr. Wilkens had was,, his LinkedIn profile, and his Twitter account. was an up-and-coming website that he was developing to get teams to investigate specific haunted locations. Unfortunately, that to has been abandoned.

After Mr. Wilkens disappearance his friend Josh Vande Wettering of Green Bay, Wisconsin decided to pick up where he left of. Vande Wettering was a computer programmer much like Bill and founded Kaukauna Paranormal in 2009. In February 2001 Josh started planning on building the successor website to from the ground up. The cost to build a directory like Bill’s old website was between $7,500 to $10,000. As he started working on site things got better. In addition, he purchased the domain in October 2021, and has kept a constant eye on Bill’s old website to see if anything has changed. Joshua Vande Wettering is hoping to eventually purchase Bill’s old domain and roll it over to his new website after it expires. Teams can now register for the new directory at

Currently the blog system has just been implemented on the new website, and the login section for teams to place their information should be done by weeks end. Other parts of the website including the Contact US section, Events, Request Help, Directory, and Education will begin to roll out on a weekly basis as Mr. Vande Wettering finishes them. Each team that registers will need to be place as a pending status, until Joshua checks out each teams’ backgrounds. Once they’ve been approved, they will be able to login. The login section will allow teams to modify their information and any changes can be submitted on the fly. As time goes on the website should continue to grow and improve.

In conclusion will be an excellent successor to Joshua Vande Wettering has worked very hard on creating a website where people can feel comfortable knowing that teams coming into their homes/businesses can be trusted. For updates on the new directory follow Josh at and check out his recent YouTube video where he explains his new website plans. Our staff here at Dark Matter News are glad to help Joshua grow his new directory.
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