UFO Sightings Now Confirmed By Officials As Being On The Rise | 

There were numerous sightings from around the world this weekend of what all witnesses are claiming were UFO’s, which confirms new beliefs that UFO sighting are on the increase.

The first story comes to us from Peru, where a man uploaded to YouTube shows footage of members of a broadcast team, specializing in UFOs react to not one but two UFO’s appear and disappear in the immediate vicinity of each other.

Moments later, they were able to see the UFO again, allowing for the opportunity to record it and capture greater details on the supposed craft, which apparently changed shapes, as explained by one of the 5 witnesses to the phenomenon.

The next sighting happened in Argentina, where a Google Street View user supposedly caught pictures of a UFO.

A resident of Neuquén claims they were using the renowned street and route-mapping system whose photographs make up one of the Internet’s most significant search engines recorded images, when the controversial image was discovered, at El Cholar in the northern end of the province.

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