John Lear Flies Into The After Life | 

The late Nevada aviator John Lear’s death on Thursday March 30, 2022, sent shockwaves through the Conspiracy, UFO, and Aviation communities. John Lear was one of the late Art Bell’s first guests after the late-night talk show host changed his shows format from politics. 1n 1968 he raced a Douglas B26 Invader into the Reno Airport. At age 28 he was one of the youngest Boeing captains to ever fly a commercial airliner. In addition, Mr. Lear was a former Nevada State Senate candidate. Besides being a flight instructor, ground instructor, CIA contract pilot, and much more he was the son of William P. Lear. During the early 1970’s while flying Cargo planes he would fly out of hot spots. William P. Lear was the inventor of both the 8-track stereo and the Lear Jet. Between 1975-1977 Lear was Middle East Correspondent for Combat Illustrated. Once the middle of the 1980’s came along John Lear started taking more interest in UFOs after talking to Air Force Pilot who was stationed at Bent Air Force Base near London England where 3 small aliens were photographed by the British Air Force walking up to commander Gordon Williams.


In 1988 John Lear connected with a well-known government scientist by the name of Robert Lazar in Area S-4 inside Area 51. This scientist was a member of the classified government research team in existence. Lazar gave Lear all the details he needed to share with a local reporter. That local reporter was George Knapp. Lear broke the news to George Knapp about Robert Lazar’s experiences working at Area S-4 inside Area 51. Besides his love for aviation Lear was also an astronomer and a photographer. In the past he was flying Boing 747s all over the world. Here is an older photo of Knapp and Lear talking about UFOs from the early 1990s.

When John Lear broke the news to George Knapp he didn’t mind when people attacked his wild stories. In fact, he came to be known as the “Godfather of Conspiracies,” while embracing other points of views. The stories of his legendary flights and seeing UFOs in the sky is well known to be stuff of legend. If you visited John’s house you would see pictures of his famous planes he’s flown, secret locations he visited, and projects that he had done. There were times when his daredevil life almost caught up to him. On several flights Lear ended up getting serious injuries caused by plane crashes he shouldn’t have survived.



By the time March 1989 came around he took a small group to the outskirts of Area 51. During this time on three consecutive weeks, they saw a glowing disc rise above the mountains over Papoose Lake. Mr. Lear recorded this rare occurrence.  Since the tale has spread around the world from newspapers, to movies, and tv shows have all covered the events thar Lear experienced. These would end up being called Nevada’s Extraterrestrial Highway. While in his later years Lear continued to stay active with interviewing on radio shows, doing lectures at local events, and writing publications. His four daughters will continue to carry on his legacy well into the future. Now Mr. Lear can be laid to rest with respect that he deserves. All of us at Dark Matter News and at Dark Matter Digital Network will miss him greatly. Someday we will see you on the other side John.

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