Large black figure resembling a Bigfoot spotted in Ashland County Wisconsin | 

A 51-year-old Ashland County person has a lifelong interest in the Bigfoot Phenomenon.  With more than 20 years of work in the police business, this person saw something on June 9th he couldn’t easily explain.  Was this the second bigfoot sighting in 2021 at Ashland County coming right after the first on April 21? No one exactly knows for sure, but the man couldn’t explain it to anyone.

Here is how the person best described it according to the report he filed July 6 with the national Bigfoot expert Matthew Moneymaker. Moneymaker runs an organization called Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

After a long 90-minute afternoon rain the man who asked not to be identified was riding his lawn mower, when he saw something near a tree line next to a soybean field. This soybean field was around 300 yards away.  Once the man looked over, a very large black figure was walking upright, emerged from the tree line, and was walking diagonally in a northeastern direction. This figure then disappeared into another wooded area. What was most interesting is that the man stopped his mower and just watched.

According to the report filed he said it was raining real hard right before he mowed. This person normally keeps their phone in his pocket, but they didn’t want to have it with them in case it rained again . Once the large creature was walking, the man drove his mower about 45 yards closer to the edge of the bean field.  Unfortunately, by that time the dark figure was far east of a trail camera. The dark figure moved so fast but stayed too far north of the trail camera to capture it.  In addition, the person thought that no one was going to believe them. Once the dark figure crossed the field in 90 seconds it disappeared into weeds that couldn’t be seen. As time went by the man waited to see if the figure would re-emerge from the weeds but it never did.  Depressions in terrain can provide cover for animals to provide cover. This man pointed out that someone could park a huge van in front of a depression, and it couldn’t be visible from his property.  After the sighting the man scanned the tree line for any possible tracks but there was none to be found.

The 51-year-old man didn’t even tell his wife about it until 4 days later according to the report he filed. What was most interesting is that the man wondered if it was a neighbor checking his nearby trail camera or a mushroom hunter. Neither of these were found to be true. Once the man checked with his neighbors, none of them was in the area at the time of the sighting. He thought to himself who would have been out in the pouring rain dressed in all black with fur? With permission from his neighbors, he searched the field for large footprints but found none. Later this man photographed two very large impressions on a nearby creek that was on the neighbor’s property including toe indentations.   Four days after the reported Bigfoot sighting the man tried to reenact the moment using his 5”11 235-pound son using a black sweatsuit that had whiter letting and stripes on it. His wife took their son on the golf cart to the area where the man saw the black figure. Once the man sat back in his woodpile to watch him, he had his son put up his hood and walk the same way down the pathway ¾ through the field. After the reenactment was recorded on video it was sent to the local newspapers.  His son was trying very hard not to walk on any soybeans or soybeans. The good news is that the man could see his son’s sweatsuit without a hitch, but the figure reported on June 9 was completely black.

As the weeks went by it continued to bother the man leading him to file a report with Moneymaker’s website. Moneymaker decided to contact the man directly, and told him to speak with the local media outlets near him. The longtime Bigfoot researcher classified the 51-year old’s sighting as a class B. Class B observations are incidents where a bigfoot was observed at a great distance away because of poor lighting. In the future the man is hoping to continue to keep his eyes out for any more sightings around his neighbor’s property. Only time will tell if the black figure comes back one day.

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