Ghost Hunters Gear Up For Their Return | 

Fans of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters look forward to the return of past hosts and paranormal investigators Amy Bruni and Adam Berry in their upcoming yet unnamed new show in which they take on cases of  clients who believe they’re being haunted by the spirit of a loved one.

Since their departure from the show in October 2014, Amy has launched Strange Escapes, a boutique  travel company that caters to people who are looking for a little haunted fun on their vacations while Adam has spent the last year as the Executive Director of The Peregrine Theatre,  a professional performing arts company that he founded with his husband Ben, who acts as the company’s Artistic Director.

Now they have teamed up again as executive producers who hope to begin filming this brand new series shortly and have requested anyone who believes they are being contacted or are looking for messages from departed loved ones, to reach out to them.

Amy posted the following on her Facebook page “If you are in the New England area and feel you  are being haunted by a family member, we are looking for folks like you for a new paranormal reality TV show being produced in the area. We’d love to help you and your loved ones find a resolution.”

Source: WeekInWeird

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