Video Analysis: ‘Ghost’ In 4-year-old Girl’s Bedroom


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3 Responses

  1. Alanna Fox Starks says:

    OOOOh this one is spooky! It seems suspect that there is not more to the video… such a skinny angle on the lens. But the “photographer” is a 4 year old, so.. The blankets look tugged on but also it appears that there is a foot (or a broom handle?) pushing the covers at the same time? IF this is a ghost… wow, really creepy. If this is a hoax, well played. The “error 404” messages… could be a really spooked father possibly, right? If we keep in mind occam’s razor… the most logical explanation is most likely the correct one… It could be faked. Maybe not. Too close to call in my opinion. o-0

    • kingslayer says:

      I just assume that any video that shows up on YouTube is a fake. My biggest complaint is that there is never any further investigation or the videos cut off only after a few minutes (or less). Who in their right mind is going to stop recording when they witness poltergeist activity? You see a cupboard fly open across the kitchen and you only film long enough to capture the act? You don’t walk up to the cupboard and show that there are no strings or anything? C’mon! 🙂

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