Vegas Water Conservation Ads Too Sexy


Walter king is a sushi enthusiast. A cat lover. A star gazer. An ex-skateboarder, with the destroyed knees to prove it. A local boy raised in Hawaii. He spent much of his youth listening to art bell, infecting his brain with all matter of gray area thought provoking ideas like time travel, collective consciousness, and who can forget: Bigfoot. He's a loving husband and first time father. A movie junkie. A cliff diving, mud slinging, midday dreamer. He also kind of dabbles in indie film production, music production, and photography. He is survived by his unflinching whit and dry sense of humor.

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  1. Theresa says:

    That a government would resort to using sex to sell propaganda is remarkably low and telling that there is no longer incentive or perceived need to appeal to anyone’s rationale or intelligence, suggesting the citizens are considered little more than an infestation of rodents.

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