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Angel Seen In Church Fire Smoke

A new photo is causing quite a stir online as it depicts what appears to be a blue luminous angel floating in the smoke above a church fire in Ohio. Courtesy Bret Knicely The night was alight in Ohio last week as a suspicious fire ripped through Faith Church on Old Chillicothe Road in Fayette County.  Flames licked 20-feet into the air and the heat of the fire combined with the hot, humid night made it especially difficult for firefighters as they battled the blaze well into the late night and early morning. During the chaos Bret Knicely said his...


Nazi Fools’ Gold?

The quiet rolling hills surrounding a Polish medieval castle have been invaded by treasure-seeking tourists determined to find a gold-laden Nazi train that may, or not, even exist. Said to be hidden within a labyrinth of tunnels dug by Nazi slaves during World War Two, the mysterious Gold Train train has even been rumored to contain the pieces of the famous missing Russian Amber Room among its priceless cargo. Since the story of the discovery first broke in mid-August, hundreds of treasure-hunters from distant parts of Europe and the world have flooded the peaceful, Polish countryside in hopes of claiming...


Massive Hailstorm in Mexico, 4 Dead

Signs of the end times?  Apocalyptic tendrils reaching out across an unseasonably dry summer?  A massive hailstorm struck Mexico Aug. 30, leaving 4 dead. and dozens injured. In the municipalities of Coacalco, Ecatepec, and Tlalnepantla in the state of Mexico, with substantial damage taking place in Cerro Del Caracol, in Lomas De Coacalco a unusually fierce hailstorm crashed through the streets where it reportedly swept cars down streets, tore down billboards, and toppled street signs.  According to Mexico governor Eruviel Avila, among the casualties were 2 homeless and 1 young baby. 2 Inches of rain fell in a 90 minute period,...