Two Arrested for Blowing ‘Zombie Drug’ Into Faces of Victims

Leo Ashcraft

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  1. Gabriel says:

    This drug has been a huge problem in South America, mainly in Argentina and Chile. In 1999, my friends and I were always talking about it at work. It is also known as “BURUNDANGA” since we were always talking about how people scam others. We came to talk how it was somewhat a Hypnosis-Truth Serum Drug, that was used on Pregnant women so they could the doctor could get the truth out of women. From what I know taxi drivers, maybe even hotel workers used it on wealthy individuals to rob them. I know that it was also used on ‘young attractive women’ as a “ROOFY/Date Rape” Drug. There are plenty of web sites that talk about it, yet it is virtually unknown. Check out this one for more info on it. Check out

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