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A bioluminescent Hawkbill Sea Turtle. 2

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle!

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle! It is the first of it’s kind: A bioluminescent hawksbill sea turtle from the Solomon Islands has been found by a group of scientists filming sharks and coral reefs. David Gruber, a marine biologist from City University of New York and National Geographic Explorer, with his team were not out to study sea turtles while on a trip to the Solomon Islands; instead, they were studying sharks and coral reefs. While filming with an underwater camera, the crew captured something remarkable: a hawksbill sea turtle with bioluminescent features (actually deemed biofluorescent), with the glow of the turtle flashing green and...


Alien Abduction in Japanese Folk Tale?

Does a statue at an ancient shrine in southern Japan depict an alien abduction? Some Modern UFOlogists think it does. The statue depicts the very old and popular legend of Urashima: Taro the Fisherman. In the 8th century folktale Taro saves the life of a injured tortoise and is rewarded with a journey to an undersea kingdom. There he sees many things of wonder, including a huge and luxurious subterranean palace. If that wasn’t enough, the tortoise he saved has now transformed herself into a beautiful princess. She brings Taro to her father, the Emperor, who thanks him for saving his...