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Skull and hands buried together in Brazil is oldest known example of decapitation burial ritual in Americas. (Danilo Bernardo/CNN) 0

9,000-year-old Skull is Oldest Known American Ritual Decapitation

9,000-Year-Old Skull  is Oldest Known American Decapitation Academics generally accept that decapitation was practiced by Amerindians. A new discovery has revealed that the practice may have been both older and more widespread, and may even have been performed for different reasons, than previously known. A team led by André Strauss of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany has used accelerator mass spectrometry to date a male skull, cervical vertebrae, and hands found buried together in Lapa do Santo, Brazil.  The remains were dated at 9,000 years before the present. Previously, the oldest known examples were only 3,000 years...