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Can You Communicate with Ghosts?

Do we all possess the ability to communicate with the spirit world? Many mediums think so and teach others how to develop their own inner intuitive skills. There was once a belief that only people who have psychic or extra sensory abilities from childhood can communicate with the spirit world but this is no longer true. In fact, some mediums didn’t realize their spiritual skills until adulthood. “In my mind it is something that comes easier to some than others,” said medium and author Exie Susanne Smith. Her abilities came naturally from childhood which were at first somewhat frightening. “I was...

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Paranormal Investigator Honors Dog’s Memory by Raising Funds in Her Name

Whether or not your beliefs in the afterlife extend to your pets, paranormal investigator, Tim Maile, is a firm believer and is currently fundraising in the name of his dog Sasha who recently passed on. The online food drive and fundraiser is for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society  where he adopted Sasha 11 months ago. Maile opened up his home and heart to Sasha after she was given up at age 13. The paranormal community has been embracing the food drive by also donating incentives such as books personally signed, t-shirts and videos and anyone who donates will be put...

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Are Bar Crawling Ghost Hunts a Recipe for Disaster?

Is alcohol and ghost hunting a dangerous mix? Seasoned paranormal professionals are shocked by a newly formed ghost hunting group offering booze-filled apparition hunts in Brooklyn. “I’m almost at a loss for words,” says John Cassidy a seasoned paranormal investigator of 16 years and Co-founder of Bumps in the Night Paranormal Research. “It is a total disrespect for any of us in the field who have worked for years to help others and more so for the families and spirits that they will encounter on their booze assisted child’s play.  I am very appalled.” According to a recent online article at the Brooklyn Paper  these ghost hunters, otherwise...