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The mysteries in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala range from UFO's, Dolphin Extraterrestrials, an underwater city and odd connections to other, far away cultures. 0

Lake Atitlan: Her Many Mysteries (Part 1)

Article submitted by Alanna Fox Starks Lake Atitlan: Her Many Mysteries (Part 1) Some experts claim that Lake Atitlan, located in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, is the most beautiful lake in the world. With mysteries abound in Mayan country, Lake Atitlan certainly has Her fair share. According to legend, when alleged extraterrestrials first arrived to Lake Atitlan, a ship in the form of a saucer landed on the water.  So the story goes, those beings were dolphins which jumped out into the lake, shortly thereafter sprouting legs. The dolphin-like bipedal creatures were then able to walk ashore to greet the Mayan...