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A mystery leg was found in the Grand River in Michigan this past weekend. Nobody knows yet to whom the leg belongs. 0

Mystery Leg Found in Grand River

Mystery Leg Found in Grand River (Michigan) The lower half of a human leg with the foot still inside a tennis shoe was discovered in the Grand River near Lansing, Michigan this past weekend. Brenke Fish Ladder, where the leg was discovered by a local fisherman,  was combed through for a total of 6 hours by police and the Capital Area Dive Team, yet no other clues presented themselves and no other body parts were located. Police worked in a makeshift crime lab set up on the bank of the river, according to the Detroit Free Press.  Through yellow police...

This is what causes the plague. Yersinia pestis bacteria, colored in purple, are seen on the spines inside a flea's digestive system. (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease) 0

Bubonic Plague Reported in Michigan

Bubonic Plague reported in Michigan The bubonic plague has been reported for the first time ever in the state of Michigan. The Detroit Free Press and CNN are both reporting that the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services announced Monday that a person in The Wolverine State has been officially diagnosed with the rare, but potentially fatal, flea-borne disease. This brings the 2012 tally of reported cases of Bubonic plague to 14, double the recent average, but not a record. What makes this particular case so puzzling to health officials is that the majority of the cases reported between 1970 and 2012 have...