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NASA will make an announcement on a "major science finding" about Mars, seen here in a true-color image. (NASA) 4

NASA Announcement on Mars Mystery

 NASA Announcement on Mars Mystery Upcoming Press Briefing NASA has scheduled a press briefing for Monday, 28 September 2015, to detail a “major science finding” about Mars. Is it confirmation of water on the planet? Microbial life? Or something more unexpected, perhaps concerning the spectacularly odd rock formations Mars claims? There has been much speculation on the nature of the finding, with everyone scrambling for clues from discussions of recent findings. Inverse agrees that the composition of the press briefing contingent may give a clue: it includes Dr. Alfred McEwen, the principal investigator of HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment), and...

Screenshot from a video analyzing the alleged 'Marshenge' photograph, alongside an overhead view of Stonehenge located in Wiltshire (NASA HiRISE/Youtube) 0

Technical Overview: ‘Stonehenge’ Discovered on Mars?

‘Stonehenge’ Discovered on Mars? This year has seen an abundant amount of mysterious discoveries both here on Earth and in outer Space; from a Superhenge in Britain to countless geological formations of interest discovered across our tiny solar system. Recently, the internet has turned its attention to a peculiar grouping of rocks on the red planet which appear uncannily similar to the visible portions of the ever-famous Stonehenge back here on Earth. Mars anomaly hunters spotted what was subsequently dubbed as “Marshenge” in a photograph, estimated to have been taken by the HiRISE instrument on-board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in the same grouping of photos listed on University...