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Do our pets come back to haunt us? 0

Popular Paranormal Experts Tell Stories of Pets and the Paranormal

“I was finishing up work in my office at the back of our apartment when I opened the door to exit and a cat sauntered inside. I saw it with my peripheral vision. The swagger was undeniable. I recognized the slightly arched back, the long tail sticking straight up in the air, curled at the end. A cat wandering into my office is an uncommon sight. Often, one or more of my cats curiously venture into my office to investigate, or hop on my lap to paw at the keyboard as I write or edit a video. When the door...

spiritual communication 0

Can You Communicate with Ghosts?

Do we all possess the ability to communicate with the spirit world? Many mediums think so and teach others how to develop their own inner intuitive skills. There was once a belief that only people who have psychic or extra sensory abilities from childhood can communicate with the spirit world but this is no longer true. In fact, some mediums didn’t realize their spiritual skills until adulthood. “In my mind it is something that comes easier to some than others,” said medium and author Exie Susanne Smith. Her abilities came naturally from childhood which were at first somewhat frightening. “I was...

Dr. Jack Kevorkian's infamous rusty vVan (Photo: JC Reindl, Detroit Free Press) 1

Ghost Hunter Purchases Kevorkian ‘Death Van’

Ghost Hunter Purchases Kevorkian ‘Death Van’ The infamous “death van” once owned by Dr. Jack Kevorkian has been purchased by well-known ghost hunter Zak Bagans. The star of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures paid $32,500 for the poorly conditioned 1968 Volkswagon used to carry out some of the estimated 130 doctor-assisted suicides performed by the controversial Kevorkian, who died in 2011. Prior to the purchase, the dilapidated van was parked alongside classic cars and lawnmowers in the warehouse of a pawn shop on 8 Mile in Detroit. Kevorkian lived out of the van during portions of his life and his...