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Zoo Atlanta, Sumatran tiger Jalal. Skin samples taken for 'Frozen Zoo' project. 0

‘Frozen Zoo’ to save Endangered Species

‘Frozen Zoo’ to save Endangered Species The University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center at West Laboratory has announced that it has begun to collect genetic material from endangered species in a sort of “frozen zoo” in ordered to save endangered species. Skin samples were extracted from a Sumatran tiger who was euthanized at Zoo Atlanta in 2010 and a cloud leopard in 2013. The current focus is on endangered animals in zoos, in particular big cats, though the team would like to also collect panther skin samples from Florida.  The project has an eye to expand it’s scope once it...

A tarantula escaped its container Wednesday, grounding Delta flight 1525 from Baltimore to Atlanta. (Archive) 2

Tarantula Grounds Passenger Jet in Baltimore

Tarantula Grounds Passenger Jet Near Baltimore (Maryland) Reports of a tarantula which escaped its cage in a passenger jet, have grounded a flight from Baltimore to Atlanta Wednesday afternoon. Delta flight 1525 was scheduled to depart from Baltimore-Washington International at 7:00 PM local time (-5 GMT) and arrive in Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International around 9:00 PM. According to reports, when baggage handlers discovered the arachnid loose in the cargo hold, threat of additional loose tarantulas ultimately halted departure. “They were able to capture it, and they contacted the handler,” according to Delta spokesman Brian Kruse. “The captain told the waiting passengers the eight-legged...