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Zoo Atlanta, Sumatran tiger Jalal. Skin samples taken for 'Frozen Zoo' project. 0

‘Frozen Zoo’ to save Endangered Species

‘Frozen Zoo’ to save Endangered Species The University of Georgia’s Regenerative Bioscience Center at West Laboratory has announced that it has begun to collect genetic material from endangered species in a sort of “frozen zoo” in ordered to save endangered species. Skin samples were extracted from a Sumatran tiger who was euthanized at Zoo Atlanta in 2010 and a cloud leopard in 2013. The current focus is on endangered animals in zoos, in particular big cats, though the team would like to also collect panther skin samples from Florida.  The project has an eye to expand it’s scope once it...

A bioluminescent Hawkbill Sea Turtle. 2

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle!

New Creature, Biofluorescent Sea Turtle! It is the first of it’s kind: A bioluminescent hawksbill sea turtle from the Solomon Islands has been found by a group of scientists filming sharks and coral reefs. David Gruber, a marine biologist from City University of New York and National Geographic Explorer, with his team were not out to study sea turtles while on a trip to the Solomon Islands; instead, they were studying sharks and coral reefs. While filming with an underwater camera, the crew captured something remarkable: a hawksbill sea turtle with bioluminescent features (actually deemed biofluorescent), with the glow of the turtle flashing green and...