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Did A Drone Capture A Real Life Sasquatch?

An exciting new video has surfaced, which has many viewers convinced that a real life Bigfoot has been seen and captured on film. The video was taken by a drone, near a reservoir in Southeast Idaho, and seems to show a hairy, two-legged creature running across a clearing before entering a wooded area and disappearing. The man who recording this incredible sighting claims that he first believed it to be a dog or other animal, but was shocked to realize the figure actually upright and said he remembered thinking to himself ‘wait a minute, that’s not right.’ However, Idaho State University professor and...


The Pros and Cons Of Drones

Dubai International Airport, the world’s busiest airport for international travel, and base of the long-haul carrier Emirates, closed for over an hour after a drone flew into its airspace. The airport says the closure disrupted flights for 69 minutes on Saturday and it is not the first time this sort of attack has hit. In Poland, authorities at Warsaw’s international airport say they had to suspend all landings briefly because of two unauthorized drones flying in the area where planes approach for landing. Poland’s regulations forbid flying drones within a 12-mile radius from airports, although drones have been spotted on some previous occasions near...

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Sticks and Stones? Or Drones?

Are drones leading us to war? Albert Einstein once said that he didn’t know how World War III would be fought, though he did know about World War IV – with sticks and stones. He was warning us that our escalation of nuclear weapons would lead to a war where very little – and very few – were left standing. Today, what would Einstein think of the recent escalation of combat drones? Defense planners argue that drones save lives, sparing those who would’ve had to fight the enemy face to face, or gun-sight to gun-sight. Now, with drones, or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial...