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Take a journey through the natural world as DM News looks at 3 interesting creatures. 0

3 Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of

3 Creatures You’ve Never Heard Of Are you an expert on the cryptid animal kingdom?  Everybody loves monster stories, but there’s no denying that our culture has elected certain “pop stars” when it comes to cryptids. Bigfoot, Nessie and the peace-sign-flashing Gray have become icons and ambassadors for the study of the unknown. However, if one looks deep enough, monsters have been mentioned throughout much of recorded history. If the Dark Matter News team has learned one thing,  it’s that obscure creatures often have the most interesting stories. Several illuminated texts feature illustrations of the strange “Sciopod” reclining on it’s back, it’s...

The Practice of Voodoo in the South 0

Voodoo Village : Southern USA

Voodoo Village : Southern USA Has witchcraft sold out? Just like the ‘hipster’ who claimed they were into a particular band before anybody else had a chance to listen to them, many practitioners complain that the atmosphere surrounding American Voodoo has become decidedly commercial. Most web searches into the subject reveal an off-putting commercial veneer, mostly turning up high-priced “haunted tours” and the accompanying merchandise and souvenirs (at prices more shocking than any supernatural revelation). The collective fear in the practice undoubtedly arose from it’s mysterious nature; American Voodoo was scary because it was on the periphery. Originally brought to...