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Screen Capture of 'ghost' video, (YouTube: Clarence Moore) 3

Video Analysis: ‘Ghost’ In 4-year-old Girl’s Bedroom

‘Ghost’ Caught On Camera In 4-year-old Girl’s Bedroom Like a scene right out of every parent’s worst nightmares, the disembodied voice of an unseen apparition is captured on camera inside a 4-year-old girl’s bedroom. The supposed “ghost” was caught on Daniel Garrett’s cellphone camera when he let his 4-year-old daughter play with it while he went off to the bathroom. You hear what sounds like the young girl singing a song along the lines of “Doe, doe doe, doe, doe…” at which point a haunting voice, like we’ve heard time and time again in films such as The Exorcist and The Rite,...

Bizarre Shape-Shifting 'Cuttlefish' UFO Caught on Camera (Youtube) 1

Bizarre Shape-shifting ‘Cuttlefish’ UFO Caught on Camera

Bizarre Shape-Shifting ‘Cuttlefish’ UFO Caught on Camera Youtube User “SHEA MAGAZINE” has uploaded what appears to be a bright object, said to be hovering over New York skies on the morning of September 12, 2015. The person in the video demonstrates that the object appears to be shape-shifting and pulsating, as if it were breathing. Watch: What is it? One Youtube user described it as appearing to take on the shape of a ‘cuttlefish’, while the person in the video describes it at one point as having the appearance of protruding “arms.” Still, critics point out that the pulsating effect...