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A birthday card signed by Charles Manson, complete anachronistic butterflies and flowers on the front cover. (Murderacution.com) 0

Murderabilia: Macabre Mementos offered for sale by Murderauction.com

Murderabilia: Macabre Mementos offered for sale by Murderauction.com The first Bizarre on a Budget feature focused on an eBay listing that contained what the seller claimed to be the soul of an ancient Sumerian woman. But for this edition, the bizarre is found on an auction website that may be even darker than even the murkiest depths of eBay’s “weird” category. Murderabilia is a category of collectible items that have a link to murderers. The sale of such items was officially banned from eBay in 2001, according to the Houston Chronicle. However, the ban has not stopped those who seek to...

Back To The Future time clock (Universal Pictures) 0

Iconic ‘Back To The Future’ Auctions End Wednesday

Iconic Back to the Future Auctions End Wednesday Sometimes you just can’t get enough of the Bizarre, so here’s a special update to hold you over until the next Bizarre on a Budget feature. Stories about hoverboards and other Back to the Future II related technology have dominated the news as we approach the upcoming important fictional date of October 21st 2015. Now that we are only a month way from being ‘in the future,’ you have chance to own pieces of that future, before it even arrives. You may have seen Haunted Skeptic’s previous post about Star Trek memorabilia being...