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NOAA's Hurricane Joaquin predicted path. 0

Hurricane Joaquin, Now Category 4

Hurricane Joaquin, Now Category 4 It has been growing stronger and creating havoc of all in its way.  Hurricane Joaquin recently was given Category 4 status when it hit the Bahamas with winds at 130mph.  Joaquin has taken a sharp turn north, aiming to travel up along the US coast.  The east coast needs to be ready. The National Hurricane Center reports that by Wednesday, October 7th, Joaquin will hit the New England area and the eastern parts of Canada.  The National Hurricane Center is also warning people that this hurricane is very dangerous and extreme caution is advised. The...

Current base reflectivity radar of Hurricane Joaquin over the Bahamas (NOAA) 0

Breaking: ‘Joaquin’ Upgraded to Category-3 Hurricane Near Bahamas

‘Joaquin’ Upgraded to Category-3 Hurricane Near Bahamas (Atlantic Ocean) According to the National Weather Service in Miami at 11:00 PM Eastern time, Joaquin was been upgraded to a category-3 hurricane, still with uncertainty as to whether-or-not the super-cell will make landfall, impacting tens of millions of residents along the east coast. The storm is currently carrying winds of about 115 miles per hour, though higher wind gusts are possible. Hurricane-force winds stretch to a 35-mile radius, with tropical storm-force winds ranging outward of 140 miles from the eye. The storm is expected to get stronger over Thursday night into Friday morning. A hurricane ‘watch’...

Tropical Storm Joaquin as of earlier this afternoon. (The Weather Channel) 0

East Coast Braces for Flooding as Tropical Storm Brews in Atlantic

East Coast Braces for Flooding as Tropical Storm Brews in Atlantic (Atlantic Ocean) A 125-mile-wide tropical storm is escalating in the Atlantic, as weather experts expect it to upgrade to a full-blown hurricane over the next 24 hours. Tropical storm Joaquin is currently at 70 mph (5 mph increase over past 4 hours) and has already jumped to 990 millibars in barometric pressure, a tell-tale sign of increasing windspeeds to come. Though the storm is expected to weaken over the weekend, eastern-coastal areas of the United States from North Carolina to New England are bracing for a potential impact. Some models...