Sticks and Stones? Or Drones?

Rob Reilly

Star of Stage, Screen and Radioactivity! Rob Reilly (aka Rye Dano) works as an actor, writer, director, student, teacher, anthropologist and Gentleman-Scoundrel based in Tokyo, Japan - All of which he loves doing with as little effort as possible. Movie host at The Cinemated Man ( and currently a contributor for Dark Matter News on the one and only Art Bell's Midnight in the Desert.

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3 Responses

  1. Peter Paluska says:

    Nice writing! It feels like you say a lot very well in such a small piece. Well done.

  2. Michael Waters says:

    The trouble with relying on amazing technology is that the OTHER GUYS end up matching us, which in turn requires us to invent MORE amazing technology, which the OTHER GUYS AGAIN match, forcing us to in turn match, which then the OTHER GUYS AGAIN match,………………etc etc.

    Here’s the unacknowledged truth: humankind needs to learn how to get along. Absent such learning, all the technology in the world can’t protect us for very long.

    Gimme wisdom, not fancy high tech.

  1. September 25, 2015

    […] Albert Einstein once said he didn’t know how World War III would be fought – but he did know about World War IV: with sticks and stones. Will it be drones instead? Join us as contributor Rob Reilly explores the development of these modern weapons. Read More on Dark Matter News. #DarkMatterNews #ArtBell #MITD #DMTalk […]

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