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Nanotechnology May Lead Human Life Longevity

New studies suggest that human life extension may become a very real possibility by the year 2029. Ray Kurzweil, a longtime advocate of the creation of artificial intelligence and the eventual merging between man and machines, says at the present rate of development of new innovations in human life extension and anti-aging therapies, we will be able to see this longer lifespan within the next few decades. The present state of such technologies is focused primarily on warding off the negative effects of aging and Kurzeil says: “I believe we will reach a point around 2029 when medical technologies will...


Dark Thirty Radio: May 18th, 2016

Tonight on “Dark Thirty” Radio Show “The Intelligence of SETI” Begins on Earth Scientists, astronomers, biologists and other researchers gathered Wednesday in Puerto Rico to take part in a day long workshop, called “The Intelligence of SETI: Cognition and Communication in Extraterrestrial Intelligence” to begin strategies on how best to get a message across to any form of extra terrestrial being we may encounter in the future. Source:   Proof of 3.5 Billion Year-Old Asteroid Strike Found Scientists in Australia claim to found surviving particles from an asteroid strike that hit Earth 3.5 billion years ago that were left...


“The Intelligence of SETI” Begins on Earth

Scientists, astronomers, biologists and other researchers gathered Wednesday in Puerto Rico to take part in a day-long workshop, called “The Intelligence of SETI: Cognition and Communication in Extraterrestrial Intelligence”. The goal of the National Space Society’s International Space Development Conference is to discuss the many forms that alien intelligence could take. According to biologists Dominic Sivitilli and David Gire of the University of Washington, “If we are to send a message, we must design it in a way that it can be understood and used by the broadest range of forms that intelligent life could take”. “We can make substantial...


New Theory on “Alien Megastructure”

A new theory has emerged regarding the unusual and intermittent dimming of the mysterious “Tabby” star. Astronomer Bradley Schaefer from Louisiana State University reviewed 100 years worth of archived photographic glass plates at Harvard University and found that the star had dimmed by about 16 to 20% over the last century. His findings coincide with the widely held belief among scientists that a large comet disintegrated into thousands of small comets that cross the star regularly, explaining the phenomenon. Source: Mysterious Universe


Astrophysicist Develops Binary Code To Decipher Alien Messages

An astrophysicist at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research has devised a competition called the SETI Decryption Challenge to challenge participates to decipher an alien message. Pulses from yet unidentified stars beyond the solar system arrive in the form of short and long signals, received in a very narrow band in an electromagnetic frequency. The challenge has converted these pulses into binary digits and have encrypted a message. Creator of the challenge René Heller says, “If successful, you should be able to identify what kind of ‘aliens’, how long they live on average, the size of your device signal...


Moon and five Planets aligning January 20th

For the first time in ten years the moon and 5 planets will be aligning   Starting Wednesday, Jan 20, until Feb 20, five planets will align and the rare phenomenon would be visible from Earth. However, like in past planetary alignments the thoughts of doomsday or some event of mass extinction happening say some doomsday Sayers. Let’s just say the odds of such an event happening are false. so no need to worry. When Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn they would appear in one line from the horizon to the Moon, according to astronomers  It would look like...


Black Hole Sun May Support Life On Orbiting Planets

A black hole sun could be friendlier compared to what you might expect. Planets orbiting a black hole – as they may on the movie Interstellar, may support life, as a consequence of some weird reversal of those thermodynamics experienced by our sun together with Earth. As stated by the 2nd law for thermodynamics, life necessitates a temperature distinction to successfully make a supply of functional energy levels. Daily life on this planet uses the real difference between the sun plus the frozen vacuum in outer space. But let’s say they reverse these temperatures all over, with a chilly sun...


Massive Sinkhole Takes A bite out of Australlia

A sinkhole at Inskip Point in the Australian state of Queensland devoured a car, caravan and camping trailer in late Saturday night, and around 400 people who were camping in the area were evacuated. According  to 9 News in Australia The sinkhole was roughly 300 feet wide, 300 feet long and 10 feet deep. Casey Hughes told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation that the sinkhole sounded like thunder, and when it began, a woman ran through the campsite waking campers to alert them about the need to evacuate. Officials said there were no injuries during the incident, and some of the campers left...



December 19th is the final targeted Enceladus flyby of the mission assignment. The CIRS instrument witnessed the moon’s southerly polar landscape. By the time the voyage ends by 2017, Cassini would have secured observations more than six years of winter darkness while in the moon’s southern hemisphere. They are great environments when it comes to enhancing calculations of heat passage from the interior onto the surface area. Knowledge of heat flow is extremely important as it supplies significant info on just what is causing the geysers. “This final Enceladus flyby elicits feelings of both sadness and triumph,” said Earl Maize,...


Big solar storm Monday – Chance to see Northern Lights

This forecast of a G3 magnetic storm Monday overnight means that chances may be good to see the Aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. Because of the intensity with this storm, the aurora could possibly be perceptible as far away south as Oklahoma City and additionally Raleigh, N.C. The prediction coming from the Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks demonstrates regions which may have a good likelihood of looking at the lighting. The solid green lines exhibits what distance south the Northern Lights can be pictured on Monday evening. Forecast: Auroral activity shall be high(++). Weather...


Flying Saucers for Everybody! 1954 Magazine Prediction

In the 1954 issue out of Mechanix Illustrated, the magazine printed a superbly great work named “FLYING SAUCERS FOR EVERYBODY!” This excellent brief piece illustrated the way flying disks would improve laborious commutes throughout far-out period in 1965. The main article also has numerous terrific schematics and also comprehensive solutions of the disks technician, Mr. Peter Nofi: The disk was in fact designed by Peter Nofi, an official from the Merchant Marines. Nofi, an obsessive student of aerodynamics, had bundled the downward jet power of this ducted-fan aided by the recognized rule of high-lift air-foil. We recognize that a fan...


Portland installs turbines in city water pipes – powers city with toilets

Hydoelectric devices were installed in the main aquatic lines in Portland, Oregon, making use of water pressure to make electricity. Those generators operate wherever water will be running downhill, and therefore are already recouping a lot of the power cost in maintaining the water system operating. Once totally in position, these particular water pipe electric generators could certainly power tens of thousands of people’s homes.     Gregg Semler, CEO of Lucid Energy, adhered to his dream of “helping water become more sustainable” by designing this particular smart and practical piping technique. Not only are they truly effective electricity devices, they even...