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Europe Eyes Establishment of Moon Base by 2030s

Lunar Leap: Europe Eyes Establishment of Moon Base by 2030s There is rising appeal in Europe to focus on the moon as humanity’s future deep-space destination. The moon, devotees suggest, might work as a springboard that will thrust the human exploration of the solar system, as well as Mars as the horizon purpose. Thus Europe is in fact ratcheting up exactly what it sees to be the ideal importance of the moon through pushing forward towards lunar research missions that will consist of possibly mankind plus robots.Naming the effort a “comeback to the moon,” European space coordinators envision a series...


Mysterious Pink Clouds Blankets Chinese City

Locals from China’s large cities are becoming progressively accustomed to red warning signaling of which its dark grey air is now too dirty to breath. What form of signal should be given if the air covering ones city would be pink?  Atmosphere the color of pigs is nothing for you to squeal about as the residents of Nanjing in eastern China discovered last month. While Beijing along with other northern towns, cities have been blanketed underneath hefty smog at the red caution stage, Nanjing’s skies in the latter part of the night time abruptly turned bright pink. A dual feeling of...


Awesome creature can render itself invisible.

Humans have been trying to harness the power of invisibility for a long time now, but it would appear sea wildlife has beaten us to the punch. A sea creature known as the sea sapphire has the ability to basically turn itself invisible to the naked eye, and scientists are amazed by it. Sea sapphires are tiny crustaceans that belong to the Sapphirina genus of copepods. The males of some species are shimmery, and even have the ability to seemingly disappear from plain sight. They are normally practically invisible (translucent) except when the males are flashing colors to signal to...

NASA Spacecraft in Earth’s Orbit, Preparing to Study Magnetic Reconnection

NASA Spacecraft in Earth’s Orbit – To Study Magnetic Reconnection

Following a successful launch at 10:44 p.m. EDT Thursday, NASA’s four Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) spacecraft are positioned in Earth’s orbit to begin the first space mission dedicated to the study of a phenomenon called magnetic reconnection. This process is thought to be the catalyst for some of the most powerful explosions in our solar system. The spacecraft, positioned one on top of the other on a United Launch Alliance Atlas V 421 rocket, launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. After reaching orbit, each spacecraft deployed from the rocket’s upper stage sequentially, in five-minute increments, beginning at 12:16 a.m....


Ghosts of Gemini

  Forgotten photos show the human face of NASA’s early astronaut program Gemini was the middle child of the early space program, the one we always have trouble remembering. Mercury had the right stuff, Apollo had the moon. Gemini had…hardware demonstrations. Yet these two-man missions—10 over the course of 20 months in 1965 and 1966—worked out some of the fundamentals of spaceflight, from spacewalking to orbital docking. Sourced through from:


Rare Full Moon On Christmas Day

There will be no need for Rudolph’s red shiny nose this year — Santa Claus will have all the light he needs from a rare full moon on Christmas Eve. Not since 1977 has a full moon dawned in the skies on Christmas. But this year, a bright full moon will be an added gift for the holidays. December’s full moon, the last of the year, is called the Full Cold Moon because it occurs during the beginning of winter. The moon’s peak this year will occur at 6:11 a.m. EST. This rare event won’t happen again until 2034. That’s...


U.S. Defence Physicist – What’s Really Happening On The Moon

  Dr. John Brandenburg, PhD is a plasma physicist. He did his graduate work in California at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in controlled plasmas for fusion power, and has worked in energy, defence, and space research for a number of years. He is currently a consultant at Morningstar applied Physics LLC, and a part-time instructor of Astronomy, Physics, and Mathematics at Madison College. He is the principle inventor of the MET (Microwave Electro-Thermal) plasma thruster using water propellant for space propulsion. Brandenburg was involved in the Clementine Mission to the Moon, which was part of a joint space project between the...


Superbug known as “Phantom Menace” on the rise

A particularly dangerous superbug, dubbed the “phantom menace” by scientists, is on the rise in the United States, according to a report Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This superbug’s strains belong to the family of bacteria known as CRE, which are difficult to treat because they are often resistant to most antibiotics. They are often deadly, too, in some instances killing up to 50 percent of patients who become infected, according to the CDC. Health officials have called CRE among the country’s most urgent public health threats. The target of Thursday’s report is relatively new. Unlike more common...


“Dark Thirty” Hits Satellite

GLOBAL STAR RADIO NETWORK AIRS THE NEWEST LATE-NIGHT PARANORMAL SHOW   “Dark Thirty” now covers the entire American continent like a blanket through satellite provider, Global Star Radio Network.  GSRN is airing the program five nights a week live from Mid-3am Eastern, 9pm-Mid Pacific.   This makes the show available to even more radio stations as a dedicated satellite feed.  It’s also available to the general public through free-to-air KU satellite with the purchase of some equipment.  Global Star recommends Rick’s Satellite at (816) 228-1801.   Find us on Global Star 3 under the following settings: Galaxy 19 Transponder 5 KU Band Frequency: 11836 Symbol...


Giant Siberian craters mystery – News isn’t good

Researchers have long contended that the epicenter of global warming is also farthest from the reach of humanity. It’s in the barren landscapes of the frozen North, where red-cheeked children wear fur, the sun barely rises in the winter and temperatures can plunge dozens of degrees below zero. Such a place is the Yamal Peninsula in Siberia, translated as “the ends of the Earth,” a desolate spit of land where a group called the Nenets live. By now, you’ve heard of the crater on the Yamal Peninsula. It’s the one that suddenly appeared, yawning nearly 100 feet in diameter, and...


Ground In Los Angeles Moving Sideways!

A bizarre event took place in Los Angeles, CA Saturday (11/21/15), as the ground began moving sideways in slow-motion, and rising 15-feet in a mere 4-hours. The roads in some areas were destroyed, which took down utility poles and wrecked infrastructure. The two mile stretch of Vasquez Canyon Road was closed until further notice. “It is important to note that, according to the US Geological Survey, no earthquakes have taken place during this time, to account for this type of land deformation. About 3 hours later [began 12:08pm], at 3:36 PM, the road had become clearly deformed from ground movement; yet there is...


The Mega Hurricane That NEVER Was

In the cross-hairs of Hurricane Patricia, Mexico’s Pacific coast was expecting the worst this past Saturday. Reported to potentially be the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere, Patricia’s maximum sustained winds were officially registered at an unprecedented 200 mph (320 kph). Bringing with it such catastrophic torrents, a deadly storm surge, and formidable flood threat, the expected Category 5 hurricane was set to unleash widespread destruction. As is typically the case, media outlets and government spokespersons urged public in the area to brace themselves, and prepare for the worst. Evacuating both visitors and residents trapped within...