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California Laws: On January 1st, Students Won’t Have to Pass High School to Receive Diploma

Insane California Laws: January 1st, Students Don’t Need to Pass High School to Receive Diploma

On January 1, California residents will have to get used to additional insanity due to a number of new laws being implemented in the state. These are some the laws that will likely have the most profound effect: SB 172: High school seniors will receive their diploma whether or not they pass or even take an exit exam; the law also applies retroactively to students who have graduated since 2004; SB 178: Will force law enforcement to obtain search warrants in order to examine citizens’ emails, text messages, Internet search history and other digital data; SB 277: Will require most children to obtain...

Weather warfare: Is Texas being attacked with weather manipulation technology in advance of Jade Helm?

Weather warfare: Is Texas being attacked with weather modification technology?

What the hell?  Blizzards in the western half of Texas tonight and Tornados in the Eastern half.  All on the day after christmas December 26th, 2015! Speculation and actual evidence has been released  that has many believing that Texas is under attack with weather manipulation technology. (also known as HAARP) Now that we know that weather warfare is an absolute, 100% proven fact as shared in this May 26th story by Susan Duclos, we see today that the state of Texas is getting ready to being pummeled by blatant weather warfare attacks, leaving Texas once again in the globalists bullseye....


Asteroid expected to safely pass Earth on December 24, but conspiracy theorists disagree

  If you point your telescope towards the skies this Christmas Eve, you will be met with an impressive sight.It won’t be Santa and his reindeer stealing your gaze, instead it will be a giant asteroid flying past Earth. The 2km long asteroid, known as 2003 SD220, has been monitored since 2003 when it was discovered by the Lowell Observatory Near-Earth Object Search program. The prospect of a large asteroid hurling towards our planet sounds terrifying, but there is little cause for concern as it will be 6.7 million miles away from Earth. In fact, a NASA report said the...


Billy Ray Cyrus: The Devil Destroyed My Daughter & Disney Helped

Since condemning Miley Cyrus’ bong scandal in December, Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t said much about his daughter or the controversies that keep surrounding her. But in an interview conducted a mere five days after the video leaked, for GQ’s March issue, he comes out swinging. “Every time something happened in Miley’s career, every time the train went off the track, if you will – Vanity Fair, pole-dancing, whatever scandal it was – her people, or as they say in today’s news, her handlers, every time they’d put me … ‘Somebody’s shooting at Miley! Put the old man up there!’” Billy Ray...


Sheriff ‘not comfortable’ with what woman told police after driving into Vegas pedestrians

A woman was arrested on the Las Vegas Strip last night and charged with intentionally and repeatedly driving a car into pedestrians. One person was killed and dozens injured. Authorities say there’s no connection between planned New Year’s Eve celebrations in Las Vegas and the sidewalk crash on the Strip that killed one person and injured dozens of others. In a press conference today at noon led by Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo, officials said that Holloway did tell them why she ran down the pedestrians, but because the investigation is ongoing they aren’t comfortable releasing the information to the public yet....


VEGAS MASSACRE: Witness Confirms Muslim Woman Screaming “Allahu Akbar”, ISIS Threat?

While reports have come in claiming the muslim woman who used here vehicle to mow down 40+ people while yelling “Allahu Akbar”.  We cannot divulge the identity of said persons.  However, new Facebook posts have surfaced indicating that the woman is positively Muslim and has a history of extremism.  The local authorities are reluctant to call this a terrorist act.  Though the public has already begun to make their decisions.  Whether this is a terroristic attack or ISIS related or inspired is still to be determined.  


Pope Says This May Be Our Last Christmas

Pope Francis told crowds in St. Peter’s Square that this Christmas might be the last one for humanity.  In a solemn sermon at the Vatican, Pope Francis has announced that Christmas this year will be a “charade” due to the fact that the globe is currently engaging in World War 3.   The Pope said that the current chaotic state of the world marks the beginning of the “end times”, and that this time next year the world is likely to be unrecognisable. Francis, who previously announced the beginning of World War 3, had labelled this year’s Christmas as a “charade” during a Mass at the...



A WOMAN IN A CAR WITH ITS WINDOWS DOWN SCREAMED “ALLAHU AKBAR” AS SHE RAN UP ONTO THE SIDEWALK AND RAN-OVER UPWARDS OF 40 PEOPLE IN LAS VEGAS LAST NIGHT An Islamic woman driving a car with a three year old child inside, who INTENTIONALLY drove onto the sidewalk to strike innocent people. Police, however, have been instructed by their superiors to NOT use the word “terrorism” in relation to this incident, because Las Vegas does not want tourists to be frightened away from the city. The driver, behind the wheel of a 1996 Oldsmobile, sped away from the scene. The...


Flint, Mich., So much lead in children’s blood, state of emergency is declared

For months, worried parents in Flint, Mich., arrived at their pediatricians’ offices in droves. Holding a toddler by the hand or an infant in their arms, they all have the same question: Are their children being poisoned? To find out, all it takes is a prick of the finger, a small letting of blood. If tests come back positive, the potentially severe consequences are far more difficult to discern. That’s how lead works. It leaves its mark quietly, with a virtually invisible trail. But years later, when a child shows signs of a learning disability or behavioral issues, lead’s prior...


Cookie Dough Can Explodes In Woman’s Vagina During Shoplifting Incident

Greenville, NC (Satire)–  An incident coming out of Greenville, North Carolina is just one example of what some people will do around the holidays when they are short on cash. A 34-year-old mother of 3 is now under arrest after a shoplifting incident turned tragic. Witnesses say Shatuanee Greene entered the North Carolina Walmart on Sunday with her three children ages 5, 7, and 8 when she grabbed a can of pre-made Christmas cookie dough. CCTV footage shows the young mother take the can to the toy aisle as her children crowded around her. Greene then lifted up her skirt...



In this doomsday prophecy video, we are going to present you the third Antichrist as said by Nostradamus, the Antichrist who is going to bring the end of the world. Watching this third anti christ video documentary will teach you everything about the end of days. The end of days is coming and it will happen sooner rather than later because of the Nostradamus Antichrist. The Antichrist might show up as a charismatic leader but the Antichrist will be the Satan. Let us consider the Grand Cross Astrology pattern of August 1999. On August 18, 1999, there was an unusual...


Islamic State now equipped with a NATO air force?

Within the past two weeks Turkish F-16s have shot down a Russian SU-24 bomber and a US-led coalition airstrike has hit a military base controlled by the Syrian Arab Army. It begs the question: are these people actually insane? ISIS could not have had a better two weeks than these past two if it had its own air force. But with the US and Turkey among its ‘enemies’ it appears they don’t need one, for those countries have been doing its job for them. How else are we to explain the strikes carried out by both countries, not against ISIS...