Chevron UFO Captured During Atlas-V Shuttle Launch?

Leo Ashcraft

A retired broadcast engineer, talk show host, news reporter - I have done everything there is to do in the radio broadcast business. I worked a year in television. I left that as my true passion has always been radio - plus I got tired of hearing - you have a face for radio.. I hope you enjoy my articles! Be sure to share them excessively on facebook - like our page and bug your friends with invites!

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Watch as many videos of this as you can find. CHOCK FULL OF ANOMALIES!! Red/white orbs, at one point in a video on YouTube even guy filming says, and I quote, “there are 3 dots now” – referring to orbs around the bizarre phenom in the sky

  2. casperdan says:

    At least the little grey bastards didn’t shoot it down.

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