Author: Japhy Ryder


The Mega Hurricane That NEVER Was

In the cross-hairs of Hurricane Patricia, Mexico’s Pacific coast was expecting the worst this past Saturday. Reported to potentially be the most powerful tropical cyclone ever measured in the Western Hemisphere, Patricia’s maximum sustained winds were officially registered at an unprecedented 200 mph (320 kph). Bringing with it such catastrophic torrents, a deadly storm surge, and formidable flood threat, the expected Category 5 hurricane was set to unleash widespread destruction. As is typically the case, media outlets and government spokespersons urged public in the area to brace themselves, and prepare for the worst. Evacuating both visitors and residents trapped within...


Halloween History ( A Beginner’s Guide )

The second most commercial holiday next only to Christmas, Halloween has a long history marked mainly by celebration and superstition. Originating nearly 2000 years ago, the ancient roots of today’s modern Halloween traditions can be traced back to the mysterious Celtic festival of Samhain ( pronounced SOW-in ). It was widely believed that on the night of November 1st, spirits from the underworld returned as ghosts. In turn, people left offerings of food and wine on their doorsteps, hoping to protect their houses by providing these restless, roaming, hungry, and perhaps even menacing spirits, with at least some bare-bones form...


Not Haunted by Ghosts, but Women of the Night

Strange noises, flickering lights, and spooky shadows: neighbors to an empty Chinese warehouse were expecting ghosts when they reported their findings to local police. Instead, what authorities discovered after investigating the dilapidated building was a run-down property being discreetly used as a house of ill-repute. Situated in China’s southeast Zhejiang province, witnesses had good reason to suspect supernatural intrigue: the brothel is located next to a haunted cemetery. Upon being alerted to the strange occurrences, Wenzhou police set up a “paranormal” stake out for a few days. Rather than witnessing ghostly entities, all they observed, however, was a peculiarly high...