Author: C. Paul Carlos

A Chinese judge who values her mother. (China Daily) 1

China Exam: Who Do You Love More, Mom or Girlfriend?

China Exam: Who Do You Love More, Mom or Girlfriend? It sounds like the kind of ethics thought experiment with no happy outcome, but according to China’s national judicial examination, this moral quandary has a “correct” answer. Getting it right is necessary to become a lawyer or judge in China. The question? “If forced to choose, would you save your mother or your girlfriend from a burning building?“ The correct answer? Your mother, of course. According to the BBC, China’s Minister of Justice declared that test-takers are, “Duty-bound to save their mothers.” He went on to call shirking your familial duties...

The Pendleton Raccoon may share many traits with this common raccoon. 0

Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It

  Drunk Sailor Wrangles Raccoon, Regrets It In the early hours of September 15th, a Naval officer stationed at Camp Pendleton stepped out of a bar and into the Oceanside, California darkness. The man, whose name does not appear in any report, entered his car, where he sat briefly in the driver’s seat. The vehicle, which was equipped with a breathalyzer interlock system, did not start. This would suggest the man was too intoxicated to legally drive. The unnamed sailor left his vehicle on foot towards a nearby park, where he came upon a creature, described as a raccoon. According to the official report (scanned...

SSTL's low-cost Carbonite-1 imaging satellite before completion. This first iteration of the Carbonite took 6 months to build. 1

Spy Satellite Tech Now Cheaper Than Ever

Spy Satellite Tech Now Cheaper Than Ever This July, a scheduled rocket launch served as the cover for the secret deployment of the Carbonite-1, a new low-cost imaging satellite. Using off-the-shelf cameras and telescopes, the Carbonite-1 is designed to orbit the Earth at a distance of 500km, capturing stunning images of the planet at 1-meter ground resolution. The satellite’s manufacturer, SSTL, envisions a web of cheap Carbonite satellites orbiting the globe but does this bold vision of the future spell an end to our terrestrial privacy rights? Traditional satellites cost tens of millions, sometimes up to $1 billion to build and launch. SSTL...